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Back in Makoto's room, examine the bathroom door to enter. Following a post-trial discussion in the dining hall, the second chapter officially begins.

Second floor[edit]

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In the gym, Monokuma tells the students of the opening of the second floor. Take the stairs up to explore the new area. Enter the pool, where Makoto will find Celestia, Chihiro, and Hina. Hina confirms that there's a pool behind the doors, as well as exercise equipment in the locker rooms. Examine the blue door marking the boys' locker room. Monokuma informs the group of the card reader by each locker room door, making sure that the doors are only unlocked when an e-Handbook with a matching gender is swiped. Monokuma also creates a new rule: loaning an e-Handbook to another student is forbidden. Exit the gym and enter the library next.

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Danganronpa item Laptop.png

Examine the envelope atop the short bookshelf in the center of the room. Inside is a letter announcing the closure of Hope's Peak Academy. The dust indicates the letter's age, but if Hope's Peak closed a long time ago, why did it look fine when Makoto arrived a few days ago? Examine the laptop on the desk to the left that Kyoko is standing by. It's also dusty, and to dash any potential hope, broken. For now, these are the only points of interest on the second floor, so Makoto returns to discuss his findings with the others in the dining hall. Kiyotaka announces the opening of the storeroom and bathhouse in the first floor dormitories, but still no sign of an exit. With that, the day comes to an end. The next day, exit Makoto's room and return to the dining hall. Enter the library on the second floor to find Byakuya. After a lengthy discussion, you are given two segments of free time.


Begin the day by once again heading to the dining hall. After two more segments of free time, return to the dining hall. Speak to Mondo and react when he says [witness]. The next day, back in Makoto's room, speak to Toko. React when she says [g-go somewhere with me]. Speak to Byakuya as instructed by Toko. After the scene, find someone to spend free time with to bring an end to the day. The next morning, go to the gym to find out Monokuma's next motive. The next morning, after meeting with the others in the dining hall, go to the pool on the second floor and examine the door to the boys' locker room. The following scene triggers the next phase of the chapter.