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Robo Justice
Danganronpa bullet Robo Justice Blueprints.png
  1. Use Yasuhiro's Message to shoot "blueprints."
Q: Who was in the Robo Justice suit?

  1. Select the Blue Tarp.
  2. Select the Repository Dolly.
  3. Final Strike: Equipment Room Bloodstain
  4. Use Robo Justice Costume to shoot "bend over."
Q: There's absolutely no chance that the costume was taken off just to move the body. Because...
You can't take it off by yourself

Time of death
Danganronpa bullet Broken Wristwatch.png
  1. Absorb "what order" and shoot "the numbering."
  2. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell WRISTWATCH.
  3. Absorb "someone else's discovery" and shoot "dead body had been found."
Q: The first time it played was when we found each body in the nurse's office and the equipment room... And the second time was when...
When both bodies were rediscovered

Danganronpa bullet The Note Hifumi Had.png
  1. Use Hifumi's glasses to shoot "there was no notable difference."
  2. Select Glasses Cleaning Cloth.
  3. Select The Note Hifumi Had.
Q: In other words, the killer got in touch with another person besides Hiro. And that person could only have been...

  1. Use Broken Wristwatch to shoot "nothing to do with Tick-Tock."
  2. Select Kiyotaka's Scrap of Paper.
The master plan
Danganronpa bullet Robo Justice Costume.png
  1. Use Spotless Hammer to shoot "one of the Justice Hammers."
  2. Absorb "two murders" and shoot "impossible."
  3. Select Celeste.
Q: What is it that only they had in common...
Encountering the suspicious individual

  1. Absorb "so strange" and shoot "those guys."
Q: The only other possibility is...
Hifumi is dragging the suspect away

  1. Use Robo Justice Costume to shoot "stand up straight."
Q: How did he refer to each of us?
He said people's last names

  1. Use e-Handbook to shoot "no way to contradict me."
Closing Argument