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The meeting
Danganronpa bullet Polka Dot Candy Wrapper.png
  1. Use Aoi's Account to shoot "the only reason you have."
  2. Use Pocket Trash to shoot "I never saw her."
Q: Sakura could only have gotten the candy *after* the incident in the nurse's office. And the reason I know that is...
When Sakura got that candy

Q: But when Kyoko found the magazine with the dying message in it, it was...
On the magazine shelf

  1. Absorb "magazine shelf" and shoot "Ogre's body was discovered."
  2. Final Strike: Kyoko's Examination Summary
Danganronpa bullet Monokuma Bottle.png
Q: So what is it that Hiro did that doesn't make sense...?
Why the magazine was hidden

Q: Someone who wouldn't like what had been written. There's only one choice...

  1. Use Kyoko's Examination Summary to shoot "just once."
  2. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell CHESS PIECE.
Q: Wait...then the bottle that was missing...
It was broken

  1. Select Monokuma Bottle Experiment.
Q: It must have been used by...
Sakura's second attacker

  1. Final Strike: Locker Handprints
The poisonous powder
Danganronpa bullet Source of the Powder.png
  1. Use Status of Sakura's Body to shoot "in front of the shelf."
  2. Select the Magazine Shelf Bloodstain.
Q: The reason there's no way she was hiding in the locker is because...
I saw it for myself

  1. Use Monokuma File #4 to shoot "the shot to her head."
Q: It was on the same shelf as all the supplements, I'm positive...
Section A

  1. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell PROTEIN DRINK.
Q: Something at the scene...?
A protein drink

  1. Select Footprints in the Powder.
Q: Sneakers, huh? The only people wearing sneakers here are...
Makoto and Hina

  1. Use Footprints in the Powder to shoot "from Section C to Section A."
Q: The shard of light blue glass Kyoko found in the bottle of poison... I think I remember now. I broke something this same shade of blue...
The rec room window

Q: Where was it the bottle of poison should have been when I broke the rec room window? According to what Hina told us...
Section A of the shelf

  1. Use Empty Protein Drink to shoot "the rec room was unlocked."
Q: The one who got the poison from the chem lab and brought it to the rec room... It had to have been...

  1. Final Strike: Yellow Powder
  2. Select Sakura Ogami.
Q: And that explains why we couldn't solve the mystery of the locked room. Because, of course...
Sakura wanted to create the locked room