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Part 1[edit]

The mystery of Hope's Peak
Danganronpa bullet Group Photo.png
  1. Use Group Photo to shoot "the three of us."
Q: There's a connection regarding what person isn't shown in the group photos. And that person is...
The ones who got the photos

  1. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell AMNESIA.
  2. Use Interview DVD to shoot "I remember everything."
  3. Use Monokuma Control Room to shoot "a million miles away."
The true identity of Mukuro Ikusaba
Danganronpa bullet Mukuro's Profile 2.png
Q: Mukuro's actual cause of death must have been...
The other wounds

  1. Use Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile to shoot "all those wounds in battle."
Q: The identity of the one who attacked me... I can't think of anyone else...!
The mastermind

  1. Absorb "right hand" and shoot "it was Mukuro Ikusaba."
Q: I can't think of anywhere else the body could have been stored...
The bio lab

  1. Select the Tarp.
  2. Final Strike: Bio Lab Lights
Q: Nine lights doesn't make sense. The number of lights that should be on is...
Ten lights

The mastermind
Danganronpa bullet Monokuma Control Room.png
Q: The explanation for more murders than victims... Why is that...? What would it take for that to make sense...?
The same person was killed twice

  1. Absorb "Junko Enoshima" and shoot "murdered twice."
  2. Use Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile to shoot "wasn't Mukuro."
  3. Select Junko Enoshima.
  4. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell REPLACED.
  5. They switched at the beginning
  6. Select the Interview DVD.
  7. Final Strike: Group Photo
Q: The unusual circumstance is...
Junko's face

Part 2[edit]

Danganronpa bullet Locker Pocketbook.png
Q: Have you made your choice?
No thanks

Q: I'm sure I've seen her too somewhere.
Before arriving at school

Q: The memories that were stolen from us, and what they must be related to...
The motives Monokuma came up with

Q: So for the first murder, the motive we were given was...
Human connections

Q: So the theme that time was...
The past

Q: So that time, the motive for murder was...

Q: So the theme of the motive in that fourth case was...

  1. Use Genocide Jack's Memory to shoot "nobody can remember anything."
The Ultimate Despair
Danganronpa bullet The Ultimate Despair.png
Q: What do you think happened to the Togami family, hm!?
The Togami family fell

Q: So the memories she took from us...
Our life at Hope's Peak

  1. Use Locker Notebook to shoot "a single class."
Q: Just after I set foot in the main hall for the first time. And that was...
When I fainted

Q: The one who turned Hope's Peak into a shelter and isolated us here...
The headmaster

  1. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell HIJACK.
  2. Absorb "hope" and shoot every instance of "... ... ..."