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After the opening scene, Makoto Naegi wakes up in an empty classroom. Examine the lone pamphlet on the desk and Makoto will identify it as an orientation guide with a strange message scribbled onto it, which he dismisses as a joke. Turn the camera left and examine the windows, which have been noticeably bolted shut with thick metal. Examine the surveillance camera hanging from the ceiling, which Makoto also dismisses as a safety measure. Lastly, turn back to examine the clock on the center of the north wall. Leave the room and Makoto will find himself in the school's first floor hall. Turn right and walk down into the green hall until reaching an open area with some benches in the center. Enter the main hall through the doors on the left.

Speak to everyone to find out their Ultimate titles, with one exception. Afterward, leave the room and continue down the hall to the left. Right of the gate blocking off the staircase is the entrance to the gym. It is here that the students meet Monokuma and learn the rules of the deadly game they have found themselves in.