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Part 1[edit]

  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Monokuma File 2 to shoot and he was eaten alive.
  • Choose "before the show started."
  • Use Water Tank Trick to shoot secret hatch.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use Wet Staircase to slash would have been water.
  • Choose "she changed her uniform."
  • Use Gonta's Account to shoot no one saw anything.
  • Use Square Glass Pane to shoot body and piranhas were separated.
  • Choose Crammed Piranhas.
  • Choose "yesterday, before nighttime".
  • Choose "witnessing Ryoma".
  • In the Mass Panic Debate, use Kokichi's Account to shoot did not stay at the gym.
  • Choose "Miu Iruma."
  • Choose "Maki Harukawa."

Part 2[edit]

Run into the final Hidden Monokuma of the chapter on the road in Psyche Taxi to collect him.
  • Select Kokichi Oma.
  • In the Nonstop Debate, turn Maki Alone into a lie to shoot prove that this meeting took place.
  • In the Debate Scrum, use the following order:
    • Announcement
    • Missed
    • Rules
    • Tank
    • Off-limits
    • Testimony
  • Choose "the ladder doesn't reach the window."
  • Use Pool Rules to shoot only place that fits is the pool.
  • Select the Scratched Sink.
  • Select the Scratched Handcuffs.
  • In the Spot Selection, select the open window.
  • In Psyche Taxi, collect Hidden Monokuma #5 while forming the third question and make the following choices:
    • Lab window
    • Gym window
    • From window to window
  • Select the rope on the floor next to the staircase.
  • Select the Tennis Net Cable.
  • In the Hangman's Gambit, spell "ROPEWAY."
  • In Mind Mine, reveal and select the inner tube.
  • Choose "it was nighttime."
  • Select Kirumi Tojo.
  • Use Alibis For Yesterday to shoot could have been done by anyone.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use Marked Window Frame to slash but there is no evidence.
  • Select the Black Piece of Fabric.
  • At the end of the Argument Armament, organize the words to form the phrase "KI RU MI'S GLOVES."


Closing Argument