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Part 1[edit]

Find the last Hidden Monokuma of the chapter in a random corner of Mind Mine.
  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Necronomicon to shoot did work.
  • Use Tsumugi's Account to shoot broke in.
  • In the Mass Panic Debate, use Kokichi's Lockpicking to shoot only student council members.
  • Choose "the back door."
  • In Mind Mine, reveal and select Hidden Monokuma #5 and the gold leaf katana.
  • In Psyche Taxi, make the following choices:
    • Katana's hilt
    • Katana was stabbed into effigy
    • Spinning it
  • Choose "Korekiyo, Shuichi, Himiko, Kokichi."
  • In the Spot Selection, select the hole in the corner of the room.
  • Use Hole In the Corner to shoot our villain had a light.
  • Use White Sheet to shoot moment cage was lifted.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use Marker Stone to slash sitting in there.
  • Select Tenko Chabashira.
  • Turn Tenko's Last Moments into a lie and use it to shoot with the last of her strength.
  • Use Sound During Seance to shoot something fall.
  • Select the Loose Floorboard.
  • Use Crosspiece Under the Floor to shoot stomped through the floor.
  • In the Hangman's Gambit, spell "SEESAW EFFECT."
  • Choose "the top of the cage."

Part 2[edit]

  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Bloody Kokichi to shoot other rooms maybe trapped.
  • Select the Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew.
  • Select Korekiyo Shinguji.
  • Choose "touch."
  • In the Hangman's Gambit, spell "MAGIC CIRCLE."
  • In the Spot Selection, select the line of salt in the bottom-left of the image.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use White Sheet to slash I had no opportunity.
  • In the Debate Scrum, use the following order:
    • Kiyo
    • Angie
    • Lab
    • Blackened
    • Rule
    • Mystery
  • Select Dried Blood Under the Floor.
  • Choose "it happened before the seance."
  • Choose "Angie Yonaga."
  • Use Necronomicon to shoot she wanted a candle.
  • Select the Forehead Injury.
  • Use Bloody Duct Tape to slash there was no evidence anywhere.
  • Select Korekiyo Shinguji.
  • Choose "the murder of Angie Yonaga."
  • At the end of the Argument Armament, organize the words to form the phrase "RE MOVED FLOOR BOARD."


Closing Argument