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Exisal Hangar[edit]

DRV3 bullet Swipe Pattern Bloodstain.png
DRV3 bullet Safety Function.png

The case begins as Monokuma hands out Monokuma File 5, but all it says is that the victim was crushed by the hydraulic press and is unidentifiable. Examine the hydraulic press, the bit of clothing within it, and the Swipe Pattern Bloodstain leading from it. It looks like the trail continues into the bathroom. Before investigating there, examine the press operation panel. Shuichi will find that the power has been cut to the Hydraulic Press, making it impossible to lift. What's even more concerning is the Safety Function, which would have halted the press if a living organism was sensed within it. Examine the bit of clothing again, which appears to be Kaito's Coat. Examine the green Exisal to the left to learn about the Hatch's Electronic Lock. The red Exisal can also be examined for a conversation with Himiko, though it doesn't offer any clues. Speak to Tsumugi and Himiko for their perspectives.

DRV3 bullet Crossbow.png

Enter the Bathroom. Inside, examine the Bloodstain in the Bathroom, Three Arrows, Small Empty Bottle, Crossbow, and the Large Black Case to the left. All of these items seem to have something to do with the case, though it is unclear how. Examine the Bathroom Window, which is too small to fit a person, but could have possibly been used to sneak objects inside. After investigating all there is to investigate, exit the Hangar.

Cyber Courtyard[edit]

DRV3 bullet Hangar's Front Shutter.png

Speak to Keebo for K1-B0's Account, in which he recalls seeing a visitor to the Hangar. Examine the shutter operation panel to find that it's been cut, possibly in an attempt to open the Hangar's Front Shutter. However, it wouldn't have been possible to get close without disabling the alarm, raising more questions. Examine the shutter itself and Shuichi will recall the Electrobomb. Go to the area where the other Exisals were patrolling previously, though they are now inactive. In the opening to the left of this area is a Used Electrohammer. Monokuma then arrives to give some more insight on the Exisals Protecting Monokuma. Go to the bathroom window on the outside and Shuichi says where to investigate next. Go to Maki's lab on the third floor of the school to continue the investigation.

Ultimate Assassin Lab[edit]

Examine the one item of importance here: the black case. Doing so updates the Crossbow bullet, as Shuichi recalls that the case could carry a disassembled crossbow. However, the crossbow is difficult to assemble, and Kaito didn't seem to have any crossbows when he raided Maki's lab for weapons. Exit and go to Shuichi's lab on the fifth floor.

Ultimate Detective Lab[edit]

Examine the small glass bottles on the table and the chemicals shelf to find a bottle of lethal Poison that appears to have been used. Additionally, none of the antidotes on the table match the used poison. This is all there is to investigate here, so return to the Hangar.

Exisal Hangar[edit]

Follow Keebo into the Bathroom and examine Kokichi's Clothes. Speak to Tsumugi to discuss Kokichi's Disappearance. This concludes the investigation, so go to the Shrine of Judgment to begin the trial.