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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip to the next page if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

The items collected throughout Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony are referred to in-game as presents. Most presents can be collected by random from the MonoMono Machine in the school store on the first floor or purchased in the Casino shop (unlocked in Chapter 2) and can then be given to fellow students during Free Time, with some exceptions:

  • #28, 62, 78, 111, 112, and 113 will each trigger bonus scenes depending on when they're collected. Follow the links to the chapters listed below for more information.
  • #133-140 are obtained by clearing each chapter (including the Prologue and the Epilogue).
  • #129, 131, and 132 are obtained by clearing the game.
  • #114-128 and 141 are obtained by clearing every Dangan Salmon Team ending.

Below is a complete list of presents.

Image # Name Description Love Like
DRV3 present Oolong Tea.png 001 Oolong Tea An oxidized Chinese tea. Different flavors and fragrances can be brought out depending on the degree of oxidation. None Maki, Shuichi
DRV3 present Boba Tea.png 002 Boba Tea A popular drink with a bunch of tapioca balls at the bottom. The chewy tapioca balls are made from the root of the cassava plant. None Angie, Kaede, Kokichi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Tenko
DRV3 present Ginger Tea.png 003 Ginger Tea Hot water with grated ginger in it. It warms the body and prevents colds. It tastes delicious with honey mixed in. None Himiko, Kirumi, Ryoma, Shuichi, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Cleopatra's Pearl Cocktail.png 004 Cleopatra's Pearl Cocktail A drink based on the story of Cleopatra dissolving one of her pearl earrings in a cup of vinegar. Said to be good for beauty. None Angie, Himiko, Kaede, Kirumi, Korekiyo, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Non-Alcoholic Drink of Immortality.png 005 Non-Alcoholic Drink of Immortality A non-alcoholic drink based on a legendary alcoholic beverage said to make the drinker immortal. It neither grants immortality, nor does it taste good. None Angie, Kokichi, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma Tsumugi
DRV3 present Ketchup.png 006 Ketchup An exclusive writing instrument for a maid to use to write messages on omelettes. Considered a normal condiment by some people. None Kirumi
DRV3 present Sugar.png 007 Sugar A basic seasoning that's primarily made up of sucrose. Be careful not to consume too much of it. None Himiko, Gonta, Kirumi
DRV3 present Olive Oil.png 008 Olive Oil A vegetable oil created from olives. If you wielded it correctly, it will make you look cool as you cook. None Kirumi, Rantaro
DRV3 present Astro Cake.png 009 Astro Cake A freeze-dried slice of cake sold to the public as space food. It's both healthy and vegetarian-friendly. None Everyone except for Keebo
DRV3 present Bubble Gum Bomb.png 010 Bubble Gum Bomb A gum that makes an explosive sound when it's fully blown and popped. Weak-hearted people should not chew it. None Angie, Kokichi, Miu, Tenko
DRV3 present Maple Fudge.png 011 Maple Fudge A British candy that's made by boiling down sugar, condensed milk, and butter, and then adding maple syrup. It's really sweet. None Maki
DRV3 present Greek Yogurt.png 012 Greek Yogurt A food that's made by straining water from plain yogurt. The thick taste is popular and used in several dishes. None Angie, Gonta, Kaede, Kirumi, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Bunny Apples.png 013 Bunny Apples Apples cut into bunny shapes. Often used as bait for certain animals and insects. Gonta Himiko, Maki, Miu
DRV3 present Rock Hard Ice Cream.png 014 Rock Hard Ice Cream A cup of ice cream engineered to never melt. It can be carried around for a long time, even in summer. But it's so hard, ordinary spoons can't penetrate it. None Angie, Gonta, Kaito, Kokichi, Miu, Tenko
DRV3 present Sukiyaki Caramel.png 015 Sukiyaki Caramel Sukiyaki-flavored caramels that combine the flavors of meat, soy sauce, eggs, and caramel. The flavors are all really strong and don't mix well. None Kokichi, Miu
DRV3 present Candy Cigarette.png 016 Candy Cigarette A sweet cigarette-shaped candy. It's popular among kids who want to imitate adults. Ryoma Himiko
DRV3 present Gyoza in the Shape of a Face.png 017 Gyoza in the Shape of a Face A dumpling that's modeled after someone you swear you've seen somewhere before. The skin is thick and it's a little tough. None Angie, Kokichi, Shuichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Silver Earring.png 018 Silver Earring A simple earring that can look good on anyone. It's causally stylish. Rantaro Angie, Ryoma, Maki
DRV3 present Crystal Bangle.png 019 Crystal Bangle A bangle made out of common crystal glass. It's sparkly and draws quite a bit of attention. None Angie, Himiko, Kaede, Kirumi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Striped Necktie.png 020 Striped Necktie A stylish tie both men and women can wear. It's convenient to have one around for special occasions. Gonta Kaede, Kirumi, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Bondage Boots.png 021 Bondage Boots Enamel boots fit for a queen. They have high heels and long laces decorated with a chain. Made to be worn as shoes, but usable as art or an umbrella holder. Miu Himiko, Korekiyo, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Ultimate Academy Bracelet.png 022 Ultimate Academy Bracelet A handcuff bracelet with the crest for the Ultimate Academy emblazoned on it. It is a symbol of friendship, even in the face of death and despair. None Miu
DRV3 present Workout Clothes.png 023 Workout Clothes Easy-to-move workout clothes that wick away any sweat. With these, you can work out all day and still be comfortable. Tenko Gonta, Kaito, Maki, Ryoma, Shuichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Mono-Jinbei.png 024 Mono-Jinbei Popular Japanese summer clothes colored black and white, like Monokuma. It's easy to move around in, and breathes well. None Angie, Himiko, Keebo, Kaito, Tenko
DRV3 present Autumn-Colored Scarf.png 025 Autumn-Colored Scarf A chic autumn-colored scarf that can be used by men, women, and robots. It is very trendy and a fashionable accent to any outfit. None Keebo, Kirumi, Kokichi, Rantaro, Ryoma, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Hand-Knit Sweater.png 026 Hand-Knit Sweater A sweater that's been knitted with love in every stitch. Those who wear it can feel themselves enveloped in the power of love and will stay warm through even the coldest winter. None Tenko
DRV3 present Cheer Coat Uniform.png 027 Cheer Coat Uniform A long coat with passionate red lining. It protects you from the cold and makes you burn with passion. None Gonta, Kaito, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Nail Brush.png 028 Nail Brush A brush for painting nails beautifully. With this, anyone can make their nails sparkle like magic. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. None Angie, Kaede, Kirumi, Korekiyo, Maki, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Wearable Blanket.png 029 Wearable Blanket A blanket that will completely defend you from the cold by closing off any gaps around you hands, neck, and feet. Moving around in it is near impossible. Miu Himiko, Kokichi
DRV3 present Beret.png 030 Beret A size-adjustable beret. It's a pretty popular hat that lets you be trendy and somewhat artistic. Angie, Rantaro Kaede, Maki, Ryoma, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Ladybug Brooch.png 031 Ladybug Brooch A cute and fashionable brooch that resembles a seven-spotted ladybug. Despite how realistic it looks, it is not alive. None Angie, Gonta, Himiko, Kaede, Kirumi, Kokichi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Cufflinks.png 032 Cufflinks An accessory that is attached to the cuffs of a shirt. The black onyx design makes it look good on both men and women. Gonta Himiko, Kaede, Kirumi, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Maki, Rantaro, Ryoma, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Dog Tag.png 033 Dog Tag A dog tag used to identity soldiers. The same profile is engraved on two plates so that if the owner is killed, one is collected to report death. Ryoma Kokichi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present White Robot Mustache.png 034 White Robot Mustache A gentlemanly mustache that can be stuck on robots. Does not include antenna functions or earthquake powers. Keebo Kaito, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Book of the Blackened.png 035 Book of the Blackened A book of criminal offenses that contains records of the cruelest, most atrocious murders committed by humans. Many of these cases weren't released to the public. None Kokichi, Korekiyo, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Feelings of Ham.png 036 Feelings of Ham How to raise not what this book is about. It's a book about raising domestic animals for meat. For those who are interested in the farming industry. None Angie, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Miu
DRV3 present Travel Journal.png 037 Travel Journal A thick journal packed with records of trips. However, it was actually written using vague knowledge and the rich imagination of someone looking at a world map. Shuichi Keebo, Kaede, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Maki, Rantaro, Ryoma, Tenko
DRV3 present Dreams Come True Spell Book.png 038 Dreams Come True ☆ Spell Book A book that contains old magic gathered from all over the country and collected in an easy to read volume for kids. Any dangerous spells have been removed, so only love spells are left. None Angie, Himiko, Korekiyo, Miu, Tenko
DRV3 present Story of Tokono.png 039 Story of Tokono A collection of stories about the customs, legends, and knowledge of civilizations from long ago. It has a high scientific value. Korekiyo, Miu Angie, Kaito
DRV3 present Spla-Teen Vogue.png 040 Spla-Teen Vogue A teen magazine featuring many models just enjoying their summer. This magazine is meant for kids, not squids. Kaito None
DRV3 present Fun Book of Animals.png 041 Fun Book of Animals An animal picture book for preschool kids. For some reason, bears are not featured in it. None Gonta, Maki, Miu
DRV3 present Latest Machine Parts Catalogue.png 042 Latest Machine Parts Catalogue A comprehensive catalogue that features the latest cables, screws, motors, etc. It could be considered a fashion magazine for robots. Keebo Miu
DRV3 present Stainless Tray.png 043 Stainless Tray A circular silver tray that shines like a mirror. It is befitting of a maid. Kirumi Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Tennis Ball Set.png 044 Tennis Ball Set A standard tennis ball four-pack set. Not only is it used for tennis, but it's also used for massage and weight loss exercises. None Kaito, Kaede, Shuichi, Tenko
DRV3 present High-End Headphones.png 045 High-End Headphones Top-grade, high-end headphones. Use these if you truly want to hear the nuances in classical and jazz music. Kaede Himiko, Keebo, Kaito, Kokichi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma, Shuichi, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Teddy Bear.png 046 Teddy Bear A typical stuffed toy bear that's not black and white. If you love it enough, then it might come to life one day. None Angie, Himiko, Kaede, Maki, Ryoma, Shuichi
DRV3 present Milk Puzzle.png 047 Milk Puzzle A plain puzzle with one side as white as milk. It's said to be good for concentration training and is used for astronaut selection exams. Kaito Kokichi
DRV3 present Illusion Rod.png 048 Illusion Rod A miracle rod that can show a happy illusion when it's spun in circles in front of someone's eyes. Himiko Angie, Shuichi, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Hand Mirror.png 049 Hand Mirror A pocket-sized mirror that is incredibly useful for checking your appearance. None Angie, Kaede, Kirumi, Korekiyo, Maki, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Prop Carrying Case.png 050 Prop Carrying Case A case in high demand by cosplayers for its usability. Not only is it useful for conventions, but it's great for trips too. Tsumugi Rantaro
DRV3 present Japanese Doll Wig.png 051 Japanese Doll Wig A glamorous black wig that has hair like that of a Japanese doll. Even if you cut it, it grows back instantly. Tsumugi Korekiyo
DRV3 present Photoshop Software.png 052 Photoshop Software A photo editing software that lets you retouch photos. Turn a plain, freckled face into something flashy! Tsumugi Miu
DRV3 present Sewing Kit.png 053 Sewing Kit A basic sewing kit that has a needle and several colors of thread. With this, you will always be prepared in case a button comes off. Kirumi, Tsumugi Korekiyo
DRV3 present Flame Thunder.png 054 Flame Thunder A broom that lets mages fly at high speeds when they sit on it. It's a little bent, but it can also be used for cleaning. Himiko, Kirumi Kokichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Tattered Music Score.png 055 Tattered Music Score A tattered handwritten music score. Rumor has it that it's unpublished music from a certain famous composer. Kaede Kokichi, Korekiyo, Rantaro
DRV3 present Indigo Hakama.png 056 Indigo Hakama Traditional Japanese clothing. This particular kind is made of high-quality cotton and used for martial arts. Wear it when it's time to spar. Tenko Keebo, Kaito, Shuichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Fashionable Glasses.png 057 Fashionable Glasses A fashionable accessory that appears to be a pair of glasses, but does not actually correct its wearer's vision. None Kokichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Gold Origami.png 058 Gold Origami An origami pack that has 24 sheets of gold origami paper. With this, you can create gorgeous origami. None Angie, Himiko
DRV3 present Plastic Moon Buggy Model.png 059 Plastic Moon Buggy Model A plastic model of an actual buggy used by astronauts on the moon. It looks plain, but it's actually filled with a burning passion. Kaito Kokichi, Miu, Rantaro, Shuichi
DRV3 present I'm a Picture Book Artist.png 060 I'm a Picture Book Artist! An electronic device that's equipped with an AI to produce a new picture book every time it's turned on. Great for kids who love hearing bed-time stories. None Keebo, Maki, Miu
DRV3 present Hand Grips.png 061 Hand Grips A device for grip training. The strength of a punch is determined by grip strength, weight, and speed combined. None Kaede, Kaito, Maki, Ryoma, Tenko
DRV3 present Commemorative Medal Set.png 062 Commemorative Medal Set A medal set Monokuma made of himself and the Monokubs. You can feel the care he put into making it. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. Kokichi Kaito, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma, Shuichi
DRV3 present Metronome.png 063 Metronome A musical device that is used to match the tempo when playing an instrument. A basic pendulum type. Kaede None
DRV3 present Sketchbook.png 064 Sketchbook An art book for sketches. It's pocket-sized so it's convenient to carry around. Angie Gonta, Korekiyo, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Art Manikin.png 065 Art Manikin A model doll that has the same joints as humans. It's pretty versatile and can stay balanced in positions humans can't maintain. Angie None
DRV3 present Bird Food.png 066 Bird Food A carefully selected collection of fresh seeds for domestic pigeons. Wild pigeons can't appreciate the increased quality, so it would be a waste to give them these. Himiko None
DRV3 present Proxilingual Device.png 067 Proxilingual Device A tool that can translate any language, even animal sounds. It can pick up a dog's bark and eloquently describe the emotions in it with an electronic voice. None Angie, Himiko, Kaito, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Miu, Rantaro, Shuichi
DRV3 present Gourd Insect Trap.png 068 Gourd Insect Trap An opaque, gourd-shaped insect keeper. Used for keeping bugs to listen to the noises they make. Gonta None
DRV3 present Potted Banyan Tree.png 069 Potted Banyan Tree A potted banyan tree with spirits living inside it. It is said to be good luck. It grows aerial roots from the middle of its trunk. Kaito Everyone except for Miu
DRV3 present Pocket Tissue.png 070 Pocket Tissue A normal package of tissues. It's best to carry it alongside a handkerchief. None None
DRV3 present Dancing Haniwa.png 071 Dancing Haniwa A ceramic figure from the Japanese Kofun period. It is said to resemble a person dancing very intensely. Korekiyo Angie, Kokichi, Tenko
DRV3 present Work Chair of Doom.png 072 Work Chair of Doom The ultimate work station with a comfy chair and so much technology that you will never want to get up. Those who sit here will be in danger of becoming obese. Miu Himiko, Kokichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present 3-Hit KO Sandbag.png 073 3-Hit KO Sandbag Regardless of whether it's hit by a kick from a sickly child or a punch from a superhuman adult, this punching bag will always break on the third hit. Tenko Kokichi, Maki
DRV3 present Sports Towel.png 074 Sports Towel A towel that's perfect for hanging around your neck to wipe off sweat. It's the color of the bright, blue sky on a youthful summer day. None Kaito, Maki, Ryoma, Tenko
DRV3 present Steel Glasses Case.png 075 Steel Glasses Case A sturdy glasses case that won't break, even if it's stomped on by an Exisal. No matter what abuse it takes, the glasses inside will be kept safe. Gonta, Tsumugi None
DRV3 present Robot Oil.png 076 Robot Oil An oil that's necessary to have when making robots. It has started to separate, so the top half is diluted. Please be sure to shake before use. Keebo Miu
DRV3 present Clock-Shaped Gaming Console.png 077 Clock-Shaped Gaming Console A pocket watch-shaped game console with monochrome LCD and several buttons. Play a game called "Factory" and mash buttons to create more bears! None Himiko, Keebo, Kaede, Kaito, Kokichi, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma, Shuichi, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Everywhere Parasol.png 078 Everywhere Parasol A parasol with a stand so it can be used anywhere. Set it up poolside to feel fancy! You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. None Kaede, Rantaro, Tenko
DRV3 present Three-Layered Lunch Box.png 079 Three-Layered Lunch Box A family-sized lunch box that can fit a variety of side dishes. Perfect for a picnic. None Kirumi, Tenko
DRV3 present Aluminum Water Bottle.png 080 Aluminum Water Bottle A round, retro water bottle. Having it slung over your shoulder makes you want to go on an adventure. None Gonta, Kaito, Rantaro, Tenko
DRV3 present Jelly Balls.png 081 Jelly Balls Squishy, colorful beads that swell to marble size when wet. Good for decoration and gardening. Lining up 4 of the same color won't make them vanish. None Angie, Himiko, Keebo, Kaede, Kirumi, Maki, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Upbeat Humidifier.png 082 Upbeat Humidifier It humidifies your room based on the amount of tears you have shed. Great for gloomy people, but to cheerful people, it's just a paperweight. None Kaede, Miu, Shuichi, Tenko
DRV3 present Earnest Compass.png 083 Earnest Compass A compass that ignores the North Pole and South Pole, and instead points to the owner's loved ones. A must-have for stalkers. None Korekiyo, Miu, Rantaro, Tenko
DRV3 present Semazen Doll.png 084 Semazen Doll A ceramic doll that spins like a Whirling Dervish. It's a very popular Turkish souvenir. None Angie, Gonta, Himiko, Keebo, Korekiyo, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Weathercock of Barcelous.png 085 Weathercock of Barcelous A weathercock that imitates the Portuguese "Rooster of Barcelous." A symbol of the truth, this is a popular souvenir from Portugal. None Keebo, Kirumi, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Rantaro, Shuichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Pillow of Admiration.png 086 Pillow of Admiration A pillow that helps you sleep well and gives you wonderful dreams. However, the dreams will show an entire lifetime making you feel intensely empty after you wake up. None Angie, Kaito, Kirumi, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Miu
DRV3 present 46 Moves of the Killing Game.png 087 46 Moves of the Killing Game A card game with Japanese characters relating to killing games. Some cards are, "A metal bat to kill demons," "Blackened are soaked in blood," and "Certain evidence over arguments." None Kokichi, Korekiyo, Rantaro
DRV3 present Monkey's Paw.png 088 Monkey's Paw The mummified hand of a monkey said to grant three wishes. However, none of the wishes it grants have happy endings. Korekiyo Angie, Kokichi
DRV3 present Art Piece of Spring.png 089 Art Piece of Spring An ornament that looks like a urinal. The more you look at it, the more you start to question what art *really* is. Angie Miu
DRV3 present Electric Tempest.png 090 Electric Tempest A cool high-powered water gun. The water shoots over 10 yards and it can be fired continuously for a whole minute. Fun for kids and adults! Kokichi Kaito, Miu, Tenko
DRV3 present Space Egg.png 091 Space Egg Object made out of borosilicate glass. Depending on the angle, it changes form. The mysterious pattern is what makes it popular. Maki Angie, Gonta, Himiko, Keebo, Kaede, Kaito, Kirumi, Rantaro, Tenko, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Death Flag.png 092 Death Flag The blackened might be one of us, so I refuse to stay with you guys! I'm gonna go hide in my room! None Kokichi
DRV3 present Survival Flag.png 093 Survival Flag The chance of this succeeding is only 5%. No one has ever made it out alive before...but this is my last chance to survive. None Gonta, Kokichi
DRV3 present Helping Yacchi.png 094 Helping Yacchi A robot mascot that looks like a killer whale. It can sense when its owner is distressed, and offers a research solution. None Gonta, Himiko, Keebo, Kaede, Kirumi, Miu, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Home Planet.png 095 Home Planet A mini planetarium machine that can project the cosmos onto your bedroom walls when it's time for bed. Comes with a narration by a popular voice actor. Kaito, Maki Everyone except for Korekiyo
DRV3 present Super Lucky Button.png 096 Super Lucky Button A shiny button that makes its owner feel like their luck will turn around. It may or may not pull in a powerful wave of luck. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Sparkly Sheet.png 097 Sparkly Sheet A cleaning sheet that gets rid of any mess in the kitchen sink or dirt on the faucet. Can also be used to clean robots. Keebo, Kirumi Kaede, Miu, Shuichi
DRV3 present Hammock.png 098 Hammock Bedding created by hanging a net between two poles or trees. Lounging in one of these is something everyone has dreamed of at least once. Kokichi, Ryoma Angie, Kaito, Rantaro, Tenko
DRV3 present Cleansing Air Freshener.png 099 Cleansing Air Freshener A spray air freshener. It has holy water mixed in, and is said to repel ghosts and paranormal entities. None Kaito, Kirumi, Kokichi, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Flower for Floromancy.png 100 Flower for Floromancy "Loves me, loves me not, loves me..." An artificial flower used for flower fortune-telling. It has an odd number of petals to soothe the pain of unrequited love. None Tenko
DRV3 present Marigold Seeds.png 101 Marigold Seeds Marigold seeds that bloom into colorful flowers. By the way, marigolds symbolize "despair." None Angie, Gonta, Kaede, Kaito, Kirumi, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Rock-Paper-Scissors Cards.png 102 Rock-Paper-Scissors Cards A set of cards containing four rocks, four papers, and four scissors. If you bet your life on this game, it can be a thrilling psychological battle. None Kaito, Kokichi, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Perfect Laser Gun.png 103 Perfect Laser Gun A replica of a laser gun used by upstanding citizens to punish rebellious or unhappy people. When carrying it around, be sure to watch your coefficient. None Angie, Keebo, Kokichi, Miu, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Someone's Student ID.png 104 Someone's Student ID A replica of a student ID from some academy. There are as many different designs of ID as there are talented students. None Keebo, Rantaro, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Bear Ears.png 105 Bear Ears A headband with Monokuma ears. When worn, it picks up your brainwaves and the ears wiggle according to your emotions. None Gonta, Himiko, Kaede, Miu, Ryoma, Tenko
DRV3 present Dangan Werewolf.png 106 Dangan Werewolf A party game of hope and despair. Draw cards and become the characters to start deducing and debating! Now on sale! None Keebo, Kaito, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Rantaro, Ryoma, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Tentacle Machine.png 107 Tentacle Machine An extremely handy reacher grabber. Once you use it, you can't live without it. Angie, Miu Kaito, Kokichi
DRV3 present Rice Toy Blocks.png 108 Rice Toy Blocks Toy blocks made out of rice, so they're safe for babies to put in their mouths. But they'll go bad if they aren't eaten right away. None Maki
DRV3 present Cosmic Blanket.png 109 Cosmic Blanket Aluminum film that makes excellent insulation. It warms your body when you wrap it around yourself, making it handy for outdoor actives. None Himiko, Kaito, Korekiyo, Rantaro
DRV3 present Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine.png 110 Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine A shaved ice machine that automatically crushes up ice and pours strawberry syrup on top. None Angie, Gonta, Himiko, Kaito, Kirumi, Kokichi, Maki, Miu, Tenko
DRV3 present Gun of Man's Passion.png 111 Gun of Man's Passion A model of an imaginary weapon. It's powerful, but only the worthy may fire it. Embrace it to feel a man's fantasy. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. Shuichi Kaito, Kokichi, Miu, Tsumugi
DRV3 present Pure-White Practice Sword.png 112 Pure-White Practice Sword An ornamental katana that contains a divine power capable of taking out ordinary people with a single slash. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. None Tsumugi
DRV3 present Dark Belt.png 113 Dark Belt A black-ish belt worn with karate clothes. It can only be worn by those with justice in their hearts. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. None Gonta, Keebo, Kaito, Kokichi, Tenko
DRV3 present Kaito's Undergarments.png 114 Kaito's Undergarments Kaito's favorite boxers. The universe is always burning in the important parts. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Ryoma's Undergarments.png 115 Ryoma's Undergarments Ryoma's favorite briefs. At certain national tennis competitions, everyone was required to wear all white, down to their underwear. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Rantaro's Undergarments.png 116 Rantaro's Undergarments Rantaro's favorite boxers. At first glance, they look simple, but once you touch them, you can tell they're made of high quality material. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Gonta's Undergarments.png 117 Gonta's Undergarments Gonta's favorite loincloth. For awhile, he wore tailored briefs, but he couldn't get used to the close-fitting underwear since he grew up in the forest. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Kokichi's Undergarments.png 118 Kokichi's Undergarments Kokichi's favorite trendy underwear. Being a tease where it can't be seen is what true fashion is all about. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Korekiyo's Undergarments.png 119 Korekiyo's Undergarments Korekiyo'a favorite bikini bottoms. The stoic color and sexy form represent the beauty of humanity. N/A N/A
DRV3 present K1-B0's Built-In Parts.png 120 K1-B0's Built-In Parts Parts built in to Keebo's waist. They protect delicate parts of his body from temperature and humidity. They need to be changed daily, but can be reused after being washed. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Kirumi's Undergarments.png 121 Kirumi's Undergarments Kirumi's favorite panties. An elegant pair of underwear with deep purple lace. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Himiko's Undergarments.png 122 Himiko's Undergarments Himiko's favorite panties. She wears pumpkin panties out of respect for a certain magical girl. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Maki's Undergarments.png 123 Maki's Undergarments Maki's favorite panties. They're easy to move in and have a tie on the side. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Tenko's Undergarments.png 124 Tenko's Undergarments Tenko's favorite panties. Although they're spats, the small Japanese flower printed on them express her femininity. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Tsumugi's Undergarments.png 125 Tsumugi's Undergarments Tsumugi's favorite panties. She usually wears plain panties, but these are for special occasions. They're not for show, so no panty shots allowed! N/A N/A
DRV3 present Angie's Undergarments.png 126 Angie's Undergarments Angie's favorite bikini bottom. Since it's not underwear, it's totally fine if it peeks out a little. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Miu's Undergarments.png 127 Miu's Undergarments Miu's favorite panties. Special underwear worthy of adorning her "busty, brainy, beautiful goddess body." N/A N/A
DRV3 present Kaede's Undergarments.png 128 Kaede's Undergarments Kaede's favorite panties. A basic and popular pink color with modest lace. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Variety Cushion.png 129 Variety Cushion A cushion that expresses the will of the outside world to abandon killing games and watch human relationships instead. This unlocks "Love Across the Universe." N/A N/A
DRV3 present Key of Love.png 130 Key of Love A key to certain places filled with greed and lust. You can give it away, but something good might happen if you keep it. Everyone None
DRV3 present To Each Their Own Roulette.png 131 To Each Their Own Roulette A lucky roulette with ups and downs that can impact people's lives. This unlocks "Ultimate Talent Development Plan." N/A N/A
DRV3 present Monomune.png 132 Monomune A legendary sword said to have sliced apart the despair that covered the entire world. This unlocks "Monokuma's Test." N/A N/A
DRV3 present Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Badge.png 133 Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Badge Proof that you cleared the Prologue. It's a badge of the Ultimate Academy insignia. Apparently, there are only 16 of these in the world. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Musical Note Hairpin.png 134 Musical Note Hairpin Proof that you cleared Chapter 1. A memento of Kaede. No matter the hardship, there was always a deep melody playing in her heart... N/A N/A
DRV3 present Servant's Gloves.png 135 Servant's Gloves Proof that you cleared Chapter 2. A memento of Kirumi. She always wore them as she worked for everyone's sake. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Mysterious Mask.png 136 Mysterious Mask Proof that you've cleared Chapter 3. A memento of Korekiyo. It covers the mouth and neck to hide them from view. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Empty Insect Cage.png 137 Empty Insect Cage Proof that you've cleared Chapter 4. A memento of Gonta. Left empty after no one remained to care for the insects. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Galactic Jacket.png 138 Galactic Jacket Proof that you've cleared Chapter 5. A memento of Kaito. It depicts his fantasies of the universe. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Team Danganronpa Employee Badge.png 139 Team Danganronpa Employee Badge Proof that you've cleared Chapter 6. A memento of Tsumugi. It's a badge the Team Danganronpa employees wear. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Easter Egg.png 140 Easter Egg Proof that you've cleared the Epilogue. The traditional item awarded at the end of a Danganronpa. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Shuichi's Undergarments.png 141 Shuichi's Undergarments Shuichi's favorite underwear. Don't assume the plaid pattern represents culprits or detectives, or anything of the sort. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Date Ticket.png 142 Date Ticket A ticket that's used in the "Love Across the Universe" show. You're only allowed to use it with someone you've collected Friendship Fragments from. N/A N/A
DRV3 present Monomergen-C.png 143 Monomergen-C A suspicious-looking energy drink. Not only will it increase your energy a hundredfold, but it can also manipulate time itself. N/A N/A