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When first in control of Kaede, smack desks and chairs for Monocoins before examining the objects in the classroom (the "blackboard" at the back of the room, the monitor above it, the lockers to the left of it, and the windows covered in barbed wire). Speak to Shuichi for his thoughts and the two will leave the room. Out in the hallway, run towards the stairs as instructed by Shuichi. In the next area, you should see another robot. Run down the hall to the left to avoid it, and Shuichi will again give you directions. Follow the winding path until you reach a set of double doors. Examine them to enter the gym.


After the scene, Kaede will end up back in the classroom. Smack the desks and chairs for Monocoins as before and then speak to Shuichi for a Friendship Fragment. Exit the room to find yourself in the hallway. Approach the door with piano keys on it to summon the Monokubs. Continue down the hall and speak to the girl who introduces herself as Tsumugi Shirogane. Examine the dragon pointed out by Tsumugi before proceeding down the stairs. Enter the girls bathroom. You can smack the sinks here, but as there's nothing else of interest, exit. Examine the door to the boys bathroom to send Shuichi inside. Continue down the hall until you come across Classroom A. Enter, smack the desks and chairs, and speak to the two students here: Kokichi Oma and K1-B0. Afterward, exit and continue down the stairs to the basement.

In the basement, enter the Library and examine the points of interest here: the globe, the moving ladder, and the front, middle, and back bookcases. You can also smack the piles of books scattered around the room for Monocoins. Finally, speak to the girl here, who introduces herself as Maki Harukawa. Exit and attempt to enter the library through the other door. Enter the Game Room and examine the sliding door at the back of the room, then speak to the student here, who introduces himself as Ryoma Hoshi. Exit the room and take the stairs back up to the first floor hallway.

Backtrack past the bathrooms and take a right to find Rantaro Amami. Enter the Dining Hall after speaking to him. Examine the rules and terrace door at the back of the room, then speak to Himiko Yumeno and Tenko Chabashira. Exit and enter the Warehouse. Examine the high jump bar, the hurdle, the RC helicopter, and the shot put ball, then speak to Miu Iruma. Exit and examine the pink gate at the end of the hallway to enter a new area. Examine the checkered doors, then continue to the Gym. Examine these doors, then backtrack to the previous area.

Take a left from the area where Rantaro is standing. Follow the path to enter the entrance hall. Kaede and Shuichi will then be introduced to Korekiyo Shinguji. Walk through the exit for a scene, then speak to Kaito Momota along the path. Enter the Dormitory nearby and speak to Kirumi Tojo inside. Exit and continue walking down the path to enter the next area, where Gonta Gokuhara can be spoken to. At the back of this area is the Shrine of Judgment, where Angie Yonaga can be spoken to. After the scene, return to the Gym to conclude the Prologue.