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Cheats and Secrets[edit]

Level Location
Rumble in the Jungle When you get the remote control, head right to the room with a curtain and a bookcase and use it. The icon is in the room behind the bookcase. Headshot Mode.
Finders Keepers After the guard room, shoot out the vent and climb up twice. Go down the ladder to get the Icon. Infinite Ammo.
Rigged to Blow After the first bomb and the guards are taken care of, activate the elevator, turn right and jump to the small ledge. There is an icon there.
Caution: Curves Ahead The icon is on the ledge in the room with the guard and the officer threatening to kill a prisoner. It is on a ledge.
Dangerous Discovery After taking the final elevator to the top of the level (near the exit), run around the corner and take jump over the hole to the Icon on the ledge.
Frozen Assets Climb the right fence in the beginning and get the Icon from behind the boxes.
Museum Mayhem After opening the door to the bridge room, get the Icon from under the bridge.
Bustin' Out In the walkthrough, instead of taking the left passage and fighting all the guards in the archway room, take the right one and jump across the crevice to get the Icon.
Countdown to Danger The final icon is in the center of the room surrounded by fire.