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Danger Mouse
The logo for Danger Mouse.
Developer(s)Creative Sparks, Zed Worldwide, Edgars Vecozolins, BBC Media Applications Technologies, 9th Impact
Publisher(s)Creative Sparks, Zed Worldwide, Edgars Vecozolins, BBC Media Applications Technologies, 9th Impact
Year introduced1984
Genre(s)Action, Text adventure, Quiz, Platform, Racing

Danger Mouse is a series of three games that were released by Creative Sparks on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and MSX home computers between 1984 and 1985; they were based on Cosgrove-Hall Productions' and Thames Television's animated series of the same name, and when the show later begat a spinoff, Count Duckula, it became the basis for two more games released by Alternative Software (in 1989 and 1992).

  • Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (ZX, C64, CPC, 1984): The first title in the series was an action game which saw Danger Mouse (and his faithful assistant, Ernest Penfold), setting out to stop Baron Silas Greenback (the main antagonist of the show, although he did not appear in every episode) from developing an android Danger Mouse and unleashing it on the world before teatime; Agent 57 also appears as a magenta robot in the first part.
  • Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (ZX, C64, MSX, 1984): The second title for the series was a text adventure which saw Danger Mouse and Penfold setting out to stop Greenback from using a mysterious "pie-beam" on the world's leading politicians and getting them into a sticky mess; in 2008, this game was remade for today's Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and GP2X operating systems, featuring stills from the show as backgrounds.
  • Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee (ZX, CPC, 1985): The third title in the series was another action game which saw Danger Mouse setting out to rescue Penfold who had been kidnapped by Greenback, and stop the latter from planting whoopee cushions under every seat at the United Nations; there was also a Danger Mouse game released for the Commodore Amiga (by an unknown publisher, at an unknown time), but despite featuring the voices of Sir David Jason (as Danger Mouse himself) saying "Come on, let's go!" at the start of each stage, and "Good grief!" each time he lost a life, Myfanwy Talog (1944-1995, the theme song's vocalist) singing "He's the greatest secret agent in the world" at the end of each stage and Terry Scott (1926-1994, as Ernest Penfold) saying "Cor!" at the end of each stage, it was just a knock-off of Century Electronics' 1983 arcade game Hunchback.
  • Danger Mouse: Quiz (iOS, 2010): A fourth official title in the series, which was a quiz game developed and published up by Zed Worldwide under a license from Fremantle International (who now own the rights to Cosgrove-Hall's Thames-era shows), was released twenty years after the show was axed and eighteen years after its eponymous main character made his final appearance upon Bunglers in Crime; it featured over 100 questions with which players could test their knowledge of the show, and at the end, they would be rated as one of the following characters based upon their score: The Gremlin (from the 1983 episode of "Gremlin Alert"), Mad Manuel (from the 1980 episode "The Odd Ball Run-A-Round"), Dudley Poyson (from the 1985 episode of "All Fall Down"), Mac the Fork (from the same episode), El Loco (from two 1984 episodes), The Fangboner (from a third 1984 episode, "Friday the 13th: Afternoon Off - With the Fangboner!"), Grovel (from that same episode and two other 1984 ones), J.J. Quark (from those same episodes), Doctor Frankenstoat (from the 1985 episode of "Duckula Meets Frankenstoat"), Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn (from four 1990 episodes), Leatherhead (Baron Greenback's secondary assistant who was fired after the first series), Stiletto Mafioso (Baron Greenback's primary assistant), Baron Silas Greenback (the show's primary antagonist), Texas Jack McGraw (from the 1979 episode, "The Trip to America"), Buggles Pigeon (Colonel K's assistant), Agent 57 (disguised as a worm), Professor Heinrich Von Squarkencluck (who designed Danger Mouse's Mark III car), Colonel K' (Danger Mouse's boss), Ernest Penfold (Danger Mouse's assistant), and Danger Mouse himself (who is not easy to get rated as).
  • Danger Mouse (Mobile, 2011): A fifth official title in the series, which was a platform game developed and published up by Zed Worldwide under the license from Fremantle International, was released six months after that fourth one; it saw Danger Mouse and Penfold (this was the first time players got to directly control Penfold in the series, as he followed behind Danger Mouse in the second level of that first game!) having to collect all the "DM" badges placed around various locations in the shortest time. However, if either character ran out of energy the game would be over for both of them.
  • Danger Mouse Ultimate (iOS, Android, 2017): A ninth official title in the series, which was another platform game developed and published by BBC Media Applications Technologies, was released a year after the eighth one; it is based upon that new 2015 television series produced by Fremantle International and the BBC, and features some of its new characters like Dr. Loocifer, Isambard King Kong Brunel, Pink Dawn, and Danger Fan.
  • Danger Mouse: The Danger Games (iOS, Android, 2017): A tenth official title for the series, which was a racing game developed and published by 9th Impact was released in the same year as the ninth one; it is based on the 2015 television series' fifteenth episode "Quark Games" (and as such, J.J. Quark is now American, rather than Scottish, and Grovel is not with him). In 2018, this title was ported to the Nintendo Switch in both the United Kingdom and the United States - and an eleventh official title in the series, Penfold's Peril, is also still in development, by IKKYOU and Telcogames.