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Box artwork for Danger Mouse.
Danger Mouse
Developer(s)Zed Worldwide
Publisher(s)Zed Worldwide
Year released2011
Preceded byDanger Mouse: Quiz
Followed byPower of Mouse: Danger Mouse Version
SeriesDanger Mouse
ModesSingle player
LinksDanger Mouse ChannelSearchSearch
This guide is for the mobile game. For the series of games, see Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse is a platform game, which was released by Zed Worldwide for mobile phones on April 25, 2011; it is based on the Cosgrove-Hall and Thames Television animated series of the same name and, like Danger Mouse: Quiz, released under the license from Fremantle International, who now own the rights for Cosgrove-Hall's Thames-era shows. It is the fifth official title in the Danger Mouse series.


The player must direct both Danger Mouse and his faithful assistant Penfold around sixteen levels. This is the first time Penfold is directly controllable in the series to collect all the "DM" badges, and reach the exits, in the shortest possible times. Both characters must be switched between to solve various puzzles, but if one or both of them should get stuck the level will have to be restarted.

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