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Deep inside the temple lurks a giant,
malevolent toad - mutated by the
artifact, the guards treat it as a god.

It unleashes a terrible croak, shaking
the temple. Rocks tumble down,
trapping Danger Mouse!

Colonel K':
Penfold, you're going to have to take
on that troublesome toad while
Danger Mouse digs his way out.
Look smart! Brave lad!

By JOVE, look at the size of that

Danger Mouse:
Quite. The only thing that it fears
is the sun, that's why it hides down
Unfortunately, I seem to be trapped
by this rock-fall. Dashed

Blimey, I don't like the look of
Oh well, you can count on me...I hope!

Professor Von Squarkencluck:
You need to find some vey to
deshtroy zees blocks and let ze sun
shine down, yes?
Zen it vill be curtains for ze big

Baron Greenback:
You'll never defeat the glorious
Toad God, you snivelling white fool!
It is a superior being, a higher form
of life!

Once the camera pans down to Penfold's starting position you'll have to jump back to the left up to two platforms in turn and collect the first "DM" badge; once you have done so, you shall have to jump onto two horizontally-moving platforms in turn (the Toad God will spit projectiles at Penfold as he passes over it, and if they miss him, they shall hit the undersides of the blocks at the top and cause them to fall down), drop down to a third platform, and collect the second "DM" badge. You will then have to jump up onto a fourth platform, both of the two horizontally-moving ones, and three more platforms in turn and collect the third "DM" badge - and, once you have done so, you will have to jump onto a third horizontally-moving platform and an eighth platform in turn, and collect the fourth "DM" badge (by this point, an arrow at the bottom of the screen will show the position of the Toad God). You will then have to jump up to a ninth platform, a fourth horizontally-moving platform and five more platforms in turn, then collect that fifth "DM" badge; once you have done so, you will have to walk to the right and collect the next four "DM" badges. You will then have to jump up to a fifteenth platform to collect the tenth "DM" badge - and once you have done it, you will have to drop back down to the fourteenth platform, stand under the first beam of light, and wait for the Toad God to spit up to three projectiles at the blocks under it (moving off that last one before the projectile hits it), causing them to fall down (and the beam of light to extend down to the Toad God); once you've done so you will have to repeat the process twice more for the second and third beams of light. The Toad God will now sink into the pool of water (Danger Mouse will say "Blistering barnacles, you did it Penfold! Top-flight work, now get me out of here!" to which Penfold will reply: "Aye aye, Chief!", and Danger Mouse shall then say "While I've been trapped, I worked out why we've been having so much trouble - it's the Colonel, he's under Greenback's sway.", to which Greenback will reply "Hah, you finally guessed it. You've been my puppets all along - and while your blinkered friend was dealing with the guardian my men got the second artifact!" followed up by Stiletto saying "Heh heh heh! Grazie one more time idiotas!". Danger Mouse will then say "That really takes the biscuit! Right! Don't make any plans, Colonel, we're coming to have a little chat!" and the "MISSION COMPLETE!" text will then appear on the screen for a seventh time as there's no exit) - and the duo will now proceed to Episode 8.