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Once you've started the app of Zed Worldwide's 2011 platform mobile game, Danger Mouse, you'll be presented with five languages: English, Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Deutsch (German) and Español (Spanish); use 2 and 8 to select a language, then press 5 to confirm your choice (this guide is only going to detail English). Once you have done so, the Zed Worldwide logo and the game's title screen will be displayed - and, you will then have to press 5 to toggle the sound on or off, then press 8 to select "DONE" below it and 5 again to proceed to the main menu. You shall then be presented with five options: PLAY, OPTIONS, HELP, CREDITS and EXIT; again, use 2 and 8 to select an option, then press 5 to confirm your choice (again, this guide is only going to detail PLAY). On selecting PLAY, the text SELECT EPISODE shall appear at the top of the screen, with its number and name below it - and a picture of the corresponding level shall be displayed on the television below it, with a "DM" badge and the text "X/10" (X being the highest number of "DM" badges you have collected on the level) to its right, and a clock and the text "X:XX" ("X:XX" being the shortest time it took you to finish the level) to its right below it. By pushing 4 and 6 you can scroll backward and forward through the episodes and press 5 to choose the one you wish to start from; however, if you try to select one beyond the furthest one you have currently reached, the text "Locked" will be displayed at the top of the screen, instead of the episode's name, and the television's picture will distort. This means that the first time you play, you have no choice but to start from the beginning, and once you've reached the last episode, you shall be able to start from any one you wish - even if you cannot defeat Baron Greenback in the last one.