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  • Q, A, O, and P: If keyboard control is selected, use these keys to make Danger Mouse drive forward and backward in his Mark III car, and turn left and right in it; you can also press 0 to make him fire a shot from the car's laser (and, when he is not in the car, O, P, and 0 will also make him run left, run right and jump respectively). You can also press 1 to pause the game (and bring up the status screen), 2 to resume it, and 5 to abort it - however, much like the first Danger Mouse game, Double Trouble, you should only do the last of them if you have no chance of winning.


The game's screen is divided into two halves; the top one shows a three-dimensional view of Danger Mouse in his Mark III car as he drives through the streets of Chicago in Illinois (the "Windy City"), while the bottom half shows an overhead map of the streets (indicating Danger Mouse's current position with an arrow pointing in the direction he is travelling). Danger Mouse will have to drive round the city, locating Greenback's gas factories and electricity generators - and only by shutting them down shall he have any chance of foiling Greenback's plot. As he tries to do this, he will run into several strange obstacles, including a "Toll Troll", and a clock that only has one hand; he can only bypass them by entering one of the store rooms in the city, which will usually contain something useful (however, you will only find out what Danger Mouse has collected when you find the way out of the store room). While Danger Mouse has to contend with these problems, Greenback is making whoopees; the screen will show the number he has made so far, and his gas factories and electricity generators vary in shape, size and difficulty to shut down. If Danger Mouse shuts down enough of them Greenback's whoopee-manufacturing capacity shall be impaired to the point where he can foil his plan - but if he does not he will find that when, or if, he reaches Greenback's whoopee cushion factory at the end of the game, popping them shall not be the easiest thing he has ever had to do, for he will have to jump across the screen, and pop the whoopee cushions as they come of Greenback's production line with his Pointed Imploding Needle (you will receive 500 points for every one you burst and a 1000-point bonus for every one under 100 that Greenback produces, but once he has produced 100, the game will be over).