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  • Enter: Use any key other than Enter to select an option, then press Enter to confirm your choice; if you wind up in a situation you cannot get out of, you can also press Shift and A together, to start the game over again from the beginning. This is one of the simplest control systems for a game.


You must help Danger Mouse, who's being sent to the Black Forest Chateau, find the operator of a Pi-Beam who is hiding out in one of the many rooms; the mission is divided into two parts, and in the first you will find a secret code that will allow you to play the second, where you must help Danger Mouse deactivate the Pi-Beam machine. You shall have to watch the screen carefully, as every time it changes, it will tell you where Danger Mouse is and what is happening - and you shall then have to look at the list, which shows the different things Danger Mouse can currently do. Use any key other than Enter to select an option, then press Enter to confirm your choice; if there's no list on the current screen, you must just press Enter to go on to the next screen.

You will also have to watch out for objects lying around; if you think they might be useful to Danger Mouse later, you can tell him to pick them up. He can carry several objects at once, but he cannot take more than one from a single location - but he can always go back to that location and pick up a second one later, if he puts something back there in exchange. You'll also have to look out for hidden clues about the objects Danger Mouse needs; sometimes, he may not have the right tools for the job because he did not pick them up. In this case, he may not be given the list he would have had at that moment - and you will then have to tell him to go back and get what he needs. When the game was new, players could also send off for a clue sheet enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope, to Creative Sparks, Thomson House, 296 Farnborough Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7NU - however, this address is long-gone, but the clue sheet was made to look like a telegram that had been sent to Danger Mouse from his chinchilla boss, Colonel 'K:


To Danger Mouse! From Colonel K.
URGENT: New information received from Agent 114.

Part One

The grizzly bear will never let you pass.

The gorilla will be helpful, but he's a ticklish character.

In the forest, keep pressing on.

The boat can be launched, but first bring something from the hut and
use it in the forest.

Most of the things you'll need in the Chateau can be found in the
surrounding grounds.

Explore thoroughly before entering the Chateau.

The Werewolf likes a drink!

You will need something to help you take the right direction in the

Offer the hermit crab some gold.

You need a light in dark places.

When you press the switch, look for a change in another room.

You will need a container to carry water from the garden.

Mechanical vampires like dry surroundings.

Part Two

You will need more than one thing from some places. Be prepared to
rush to and fro! Try to do things in a planned order.

Find a gift for the spider.

Breakages must be mended! - Maybe more than once.

You'll find the snake charming if you have two things with you. (He
will appreciate a tune.)

Duckula hates bad eggs. His cape will give you the power to fly.

Ladders will not go through the grate, but an open door will let you
take them.

After a pitfall you need something to climb.

Notice the object in the rubble! You need something to reach it with.

Explore all directions in the maze.
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