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Character recruitment is a key in advancing the storyline in Dark Cloud 2. Some characters are needed to fill Georama requirements, while others are there just to be there. Most will sell the player items. When added to the party, they'll give various benefits.

Characters can only be recruited after a storyline event in Chapter 2 involving Gordon.


  • Where: Adel can be found in Max's house, by the staircase leading to the kitchen. She's dressed like a maid.
  • How: She wants a Hunk of Copper, Sturdy Cloth, and Thick Hide. If you don't own these items, you can buy them from Conda or the Sundry Shop. After you give them to her, exit and enter the room.
  • When: Adel is required for the Tailor's Shop in Chapter 2.
  • Why: Adel will sell you fruits. When in your party, she'll slowly increase the WHP of unequipped weapons.

Aunt Polly[edit]

  • Where: Polly's Bakery (Palm Brinks).
  • How: She'll tell you to go talk to Morton. Head to Morton's Sundries, and from there go to the house with the pumpkin field in the yard. Inspect the door and talk to Morton again. Finally, go talk to Polly, and she'll join you (and give you 20 Crunchy Breads!).
  • When: Aunt Polly is required for the Eatery in Chapter 2.
  • Why: Aunt Polly will sell you the normal stock of her shop. When in your party, she'll make you bread.


  • Where: Outside the train.
  • How: He will automatically join you once Chapter 2 begins.
  • When: Borneo is required for the Gundorada Workshop in Chapter 5.
  • Why: Borno will sell you ores. When in your party, he'll guarantee that every enemy you defeat will drop a Georama element.


  • Where: Outside the doors to the train.
  • How: He'll automatically join you once Chapter 2 begins.
  • When: Cedric is required for the Gundorada Workshop in Chapter 5.
  • Why: Cedric will refuel and repair the Ridepod for free and trade you parts and upgrades for it (in exchange for exp). When in your party, he increases synth points for all weapons by +1 on each lvl up, boosts ridepod exp, and repairs weapons or refuels the ridepod.


  • Where: In her home in Palm Brinks (it's near Max's house).
  • How: Claire wants a photo of the Lafrescia Stem.
  • When: Claire is required for Chapter 4.
  • Why: Clair will sell you Gift Capsules. When in your party, she'll add 2 more rage counters to enemy monsters.


  • Where: At the back of the train.
  • How: Conda will automatically join you after you obtain your first Geostone.
  • When: Not required.
  • Why: Conda will sell you Georama materials.


  • Where: On the second floor of Morton's house (the one with the all the pumpkins).
  • How: Corrine will want to play a game of hide and seek. You'll find her on the second floor of Claire's house, and then in Max's bedroom.
  • When: Not required.
  • Why: Corrine will sell you hair ties for Monica. When in your party, she'll guarantee that every coin flip will come up on the angel side.

Doctor Dell[edit]

  • Where: Palm Brinks, in his clinic by the lake.
  • How: Doctor Dell will automatically join you after you go and speak to him, as part of the Chapter 3 storyline.
  • When: Required for storyline purposes.
  • Why: Doctor Dell will sell you mighty healings. When in your party, he'll cure abnormal statuses.


  • Where: Entrance to the Underground Channel.
  • How: Donny wants a Dark Coin and an Indestructible Coin. You can either find these in the dungeons or buy them at the Jurak Mall's Tailor Shop.
  • When: Required for Chapter 4.
  • Why: Donny will sell you health items, repair powders, and clothing items. When in your party, he'll unlock treasure chests and doors.


  • Where: Outside the train.
  • How: He will automatically join you once Chapter 2 begins.
  • When: Required for Chapter 5.
  • Why: Eric will sell you gunpowder. When in your party, he'll make you Improved Bombs.


  • Where: On the pier next to the boat in the lake in Palm Brinks.
  • How: Catch a Nonky fish bigger than 60 cm.
  • When: Not needed.
  • Why: Sells fishing bait, and makes bait when in party.


  • Where: In Max's house, in the kitchen; he's the cook.
  • How: Give him a roasted chestnut.
  • When: Chapter 3 requirement for Lao Chaos bistro.
  • Why: Sells roast chicken, makes roast chicken when in party. Will sell you recovery items.


  • Where: In Max's house, inside his study; he is Max's father.
  • How: Upgrade the trumpet gun to a Bell Trigger; you can buy or make one as well as find one in your travels.
  • When: Needed for Chapter 5 gundorada workshop.
  • Why: Sells guns, when in party adds +2 to synth points of guns on lvl up.


  • Where: In front of Max's House.
  • How: Give him a holy water to cure the sick tree.
  • When:Part of quest, Max learns he needs Gordon in Sindain.
  • Why: Sells nature elements (and later plum rice) ,when in party boosts attk vs plant monsters.

Granny Rosa[edit]

  • Where: Inside Max's house, on the way to the kitchen.
  • How: Spell the phrase "Let's go together." When she asks you to "speak up".
  • When: Not needed.
  • Why: She sells amulets for various ailments, and when in party makes cheese.


  • Where: In Parn's Studio in Palm Brinks (in the painting).
  • How: Must give Parn the golden paint.
  • When: Not needed.
  • Why: She sells armbands and charms monsters when in party.


  • WARNING!: Lin will leave you after the Chapter 3 boss fight!
  • Where: In Balance Valley.
  • How: Cure her with the medicine from the future.
  • When: After you restore Lao Chao's as well as get the flower for his dish.
  • Why: Lin will automatically join your party after you cure her.

Mayor Need[edit]

  • Where: In Mayor Need's office in the City Hall in Palm Brinks.
  • How: Solve his puzzle; put in the combination '1221'.
  • When: After you move Gordon to Sindain.
  • Why: Will boost amount of Gilda earned per monster killed.


  • Where: In the lobby of the Mayor's office.
  • How: Talk to her with Monica. You will have to clear 10 Sphedas anywhere in the game. Chapter 7 Moon Flower Palace is the easiest when it comes to Spheda.
  • When: In Chapter three, after unlocking Spheda.
  • Why: Will sell you clothes for Monica.


  • Where: In the Palm Brinks Weapon Shop.
  • How: Talk to her with Monica; upgrade the Gladius she gives you 2 levels.
  • When: After Gordon moves to Sindain.
  • Why: Must be moved to Sindain to Revive Jurak fully. Will boost sword synth points. Also sells weapons.


  • Where: In the town Square.
  • How: Win the Finny Frenzy (come in first place).
  • When: After you unlock the Finny Frenzy.
  • Why: She will sell you lures and 'pump you up' if she is in your party.


  • Where: In Parn's Studio in Palm Brinks.
  • How: Give him the gold paint.
  • When: After you acquire the gold paint from the golden eggs on Jurak.
  • Why: Allows you to escape a dungeon at any time. Will sell you paint.


  • Where: In his cave in Veniccio.
  • How: Talk to him and give him a carrot.
  • When: After you restore Heim Rada.
  • Why: He reveals all dungeon maps and shows which monster has the dungeon key. He also helps you detect mimics before you open a chest.

Priest Bruno[edit]

  • Where: Cathedral in Palm Brinks.
  • How: Solve the candle logic puzzle.
  • When: After you move Gordon to Sindain.
  • Why: When in your party, he can revive you once. Will sell you status recovery items.


  • Where: On the bridge on the way to Doctor Dell's house in Palm Brinks at night.
  • How: Give him a picture of the moon, can be acquired anywhere in Palm Brinks.
  • When: After Gordon moves to Sindain.
  • Why: To buy crystals after chapter 7. Gives bonus damage to undead monsters.

Sheriff Blinkhorn[edit]

  • Where: In front of the Police Station in Palm Brinks.
  • How: Beat his race time of 2 min. and 1 sec. to the boat and back to the Police Station.
  • When: After you move Gordon to Sindain.
  • Why: Shows monster notes on every beaten monster and shows most effective weapons used for them.


  • Where: In Max's house.
  • How: Give him the money he requires to buy the book; price will increase a few times and the last price will be 2000 Gilda.
  • When: After you move Gordon to Palm Brinks.
  • Why: Will sell you shoes for Max. Heals you when in party.