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Just like in almost every RPG game, "Status Effect" will either do something good or bad upon the character or enemy. This game is no different, but there's not really any good effect for the characters, beside "abilities" that are gained from leveling up, depending on which job you choose.


This status is gain when using the ability "Judgement" to identify a item but failed in the process. Curse make the character unable to un-equip their weapon, this also mean you cannot equip them with another weapon until they are cured. They are also unable to use any magic as well.

  1. Use the ability "Dispel" on the character that "Curse."
  2. Go to the Temple in town and "Pray to God" which will cure the status.

When you cure the Curse status, the character weapon becomes un-equipped, so make sure you re-equip before entering battle.


The character hp is 0, and they are unable to do anything until revived. If you win the battle while the character is dead, that character will not gain any EXP.

  1. Use the item "Revival"
  2. Win or leave the battle and they will be revived again, but there hp is at 1.


Numb/Paralyze has two type of effects. In battle, if the character becomes Numb/Paralyze, they are unable to move, attack or even defend during they turn. Eventually this effect wears off after a certain amount of turns been pass. If the party win or leave battle while the Numb/Paralyze effect is still on the character, It will turn into the "Poison" status effect.

  1. Let the effect wear off while your in battle.
  2. Win or leave battle, then use antidote.
  3. Use panacea on or off battle. If on battle, you have to use a character turn to cure the other character who is Numb/Paralyze.
  4. Let the character die, then either revive or finish the battle.
  5. Win or leave battle (Numb/Paralyze will turn into Poison) then go to the Temple in town and "Pray to God" which will cure the status.


Damage the character by -15 hp per turn. Poison does last even after the battle is finish, and will continue to do damage on the next battle until cured.

  1. Use antidote on or off battle.
  2. Use Panacea on or off battle."
  3. Let the Character die, then either revive or finish the battle.
  4. Use the spell "Cure Poison"
  5. Go to the Temple in town and "Pray to God" which will cure the status.