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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
Developer(s)Strategic Simulations
Preceded byForgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures
Followed byDark Sun: Wake of the Ravager
SeriesDungeons & Dragons
Release date(s)
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Suggested party[edit]

The Dark Sun games were a commercial failure, but a player today might still be curious to try them out. If this is the case, the following party allows to get the widest experience of skills in one game:

  1. Half-giant gladiator
  2. Mul psionicist/cleric
  3. Thrikreen psionisict/druid
  4. Half-elf psionicist/preserver[1]

This party features:

  • All three Dark Sun exclusive races: half-giant, mul (half-dwarf), and thrikreen (insectoid).
  • All three classes implemented for the first time in a D&D game: gladiator, druid, and psionicist.
  • An almost complete array of magic and psionic powers: three psionicists for the 3 different sets of psionic powers; one preserver (magic-user) for the magic spells; one druid and one cleric for three of the five elements of clerical spells. The cleric can also turn undead.
  • Two heavy-armored, close-combat fighters (gladiator and cleric) and two light-armored, long-range fighters (druid and preserver).

  1. Half-elves are less skilled than elves in magic spells, but only the former ones can be resurrected in case they die.

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