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Spells can either be cast once using a scroll or learnt by reading a spell book and then cast using the player's mana reserve (some worn objects have spells fixed onto them along with their own mana reserve).

Spell name Effect
Absorption Absorbs the enemies vital energy during combat. The player can pick up life points using this.
Antidote Is used to heal characters who have been poisoned.
Berserker Increases the character's armour class, speed of attack and chance of gaining a hit during a certain period of time. You can also win life points.
Magic Bomb Is similar to a mine and explodes on contact with the opponent or when a certain period of time has elapsed. It can be used to booby-trap chests.
Fire Ball Launches fire balls.
Confusion Plunges an enemy into total confusion, making him go and attack his comrades.
Detection Helps detect magic objects, which are then highlighted in blue.
Death Dome Creates a protection dome around the character. Anyone who tries to break though it will be injured.
Spark Throws sparks at a target.
Healing Provides healing.
Haste Allows you to move faster.
Invisibility Makes a character invisible to everyone, but he may be given away by his footsteps.
Invocation Invokes a fire golem which attacks your enemies.
Slowness Slows down your enemy target's speed of movement and combat.
Light Creates a luminous aura around your character. Its power depends on your character's experience level.
Magic Missile Launches magic projectiles.
Wall Of Fire Creates a wall of fire.
Food Provides your character with food.
Poison Cloud Produces a green cloud which poisons anyone who approaches it.
Forgetfulness Causes you to temporarily forget spells for monsters and erases the enemy players' pre-selected spells.
Fear Causes panic amidst the enemy lines.
Stone Turns the target creature to stone.
Magic Door Creates a door that allows your character to go back and forward between dungeon and town.
Reflection Rebounds any spells cast or projectiles thrown at you onto your aggressor.
Resurrection Allows you to revive your character.
Flame Thrower Launches huge flames at enemy targets.
Telekinesis Can be used to open up chests, pick up objects and pull levers from a distance.
Teleportation Allows your character to move instantly to anywhere he chooses. Please note that some places are not accessible via teleportation.
Storm Pushes back an enemy at close range to the thrower. Any enemy touching a wall gets damage points against him.
Thunder Throws lightning bolts at the enemy.
Mutation Turns the enemy target into a chicken.
Night Vision Allows you to see the enemy better in dark areas.