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The Town is the primary location for shopping, repairing and various other tasks. It is also completely free of any enemies.


The town is populated by townspeople who will ask you to do quests but there are also tradespeople where you can buy and sell things.

  • Gunther the Blacksmith will sell, buy, repair and improve weapons and armour.
  • The gypsy Madame Irma will magically heal wounds and cure poison for free but will charge to identify magic artifacts and to remove cursed objects that the player is wearing.
  • Perry the Publican sells food and torches and the player can pay to spend a restorative night in his tavern.
  • Larsac the Usurer is the banker where you can deposit your money.
  • Master Elmeric buys and sells potions, amulets, rings, scrolls and spell books and can be paid to recharge magic items whose spells have run out of manna.
  • Master Dalsin teaches you skills for a fee.
  • Bill and Murray are the town guards. Bill will offer you game-playing tips whereas Murray gives you a tour of the town and explains how the tradespeople can help your game play. (When the Darkstone erupts in town Murray is turned to stone and can no longer offer the tour.)
  • Audren and Krym are the town musicians and if you place a gold coin in her cap Audren will play a special song called "The Darkstone Will Shine". Audren is based on the French singer Audren who sings the song and possibly Krym is supposed to be Christophe Rime who did the game's music.
  • In the training camp you will meet Bowman, Swan and Wozarg who will let you train hitting moving bulls eyes, fighting sickly trolls and casting fireballs at goblins respectively.
  • There is also a chicken wandering around. (If you can cope with the mental imagery then using the Theft skill on it will liberate an egg).