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Special Items[edit]

Inside the levels you will find various items that will help you proceed. You can find them already on the screen or get them by defeating the enemies you encounter.

Item Description
Darkwing Duck Small First Aid Kit.png SMALL FIRST AID KIT
Restores 1/4 of Darkwing's health.
Darkwing Duck Large First Aid Kit.png LARGE FIRST AID KIT
Completely restores Darkwing's health.
Darkwing Duck Small Gas Energy Canister.png SMALL GAS ENERGY CANISTER
Adds a single round of gas ammo for special weapons.
Darkwing Duck Large Gas Energy Canister.png LARGE GAS ENERGY CANISTER
Adds 10 rounds of gas ammo for special weapons.
Darkwing Duck Darkwing Doll.png DARKWING DOLL
Worth an extra life.
Darkwing Duck Diamond.png DIAMOND
Worth 100 points.
Darkwing Duck Gold Bar.png GOLD BAR
Worth 500 points.

Special Weapons[edit]

In addition to his gun, Darkwing is able to use three special weapons, after finding them within the levels. You can switch from your basic weapon to the special weapon obtained by pressing Select button. However, you can only use one special weapon at a time: if you take a special weapon when you already have one in your possession, the first will be replaced. Each time you use a special weapon, you will consume a certain amount of gas. The gas you have is shown at the top left of the screen, under the type of special weapon you have. To restore your gas supplies, you will need to find the relevant canisters. Each time you get a new special weapon, your gas supply will be increased by ten.

Weapon Description
Darkwing Duck Heavy Gas.png HEAVY GAS
When fired, a large ball of gas will fall to the ground and explode. The explosion will send a shock-wave across the floor in both directions. Heavy Gas uses 2 units of gas energy.
Darkwing Duck Thunder Gas.png THUNDER GAS
Darkwing fires two lightning bolts that moves at 45° angles up and down. Each bolt will pass through enemies and walls until it flies off screen. Very useful for hitting enemies without being in their line of fire. Thunder Gas uses 2 units of gas energy.
Darkwing Duck Arrow Gas.png ARROW GAS
When fired, the gas takes on the form of an arrow with a suction cup moving in a straight line. If the arrow hits a wall, it will stick to it, allowing Darkwing to climb and stand upon it. Thanks to this weapon, you can then reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Arrow gas deals high damage being the most powerful yet the most simple weapon. It is also the rarest special weapon to find. Arrow Gas uses 3 units of gas energy.