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Go right, paying attention to the eggs gliding from above and grab the second platform suspended above you. Get up and, jumping to the left, you can get the Arrow Gas which will be very useful shortly. Then continue to the right defeating the enemies with the green cloak. You can parry their attacks with your cloak. Then enter the hole at the end, ignoring the Heavy Gas on the right. Proceed to the left and drop again; however, as you fall, move to the right. Thanks to Arrow Gas, you will be able to access the passage at the top right. Proceed, defeating the enemies and you will arrive in a floorless area, where there are two green platforms that move horizontally, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can either climb onto these platforms or cling to them. Thanks to these platforms and the Arrow Gas, you can collect three Darkwing Dolls in this area, as well as a large first aid kit and a gold bar! But be careful of the spikes and not to fall into the void. After you have taken everything, go back following the same path. Go down again and continue to the right.

This area is dark. Pay attention to the eyes in the dark: when you see them, try to hit them immediately with your gun. If you don't act quickly, when you approach a crow will try to attack you. The only way to temporarily illuminate this area is to cling to the switches on the ceiling. As soon as you come off, however, the light will go out. For the rest, the path is simple, you simply have to continue to the right, defeating the enemies and overcoming some small gaps. At the end there is a Thunder Gas on a ledge, grab it if you want. Then drop into the hole to reach the next area.

Here the light will return. Proceed to the right. You will meet some quite tough alligators, try to eliminate them quickly. There are also some rabbits that will shoot you when they jump. In a recess you will find a large gas energy canister. Immediately after, you will find a Darkwing Doll; to get it you will have to carefully descend from the green platform above, avoiding falling into the void. To continue you will then have to cling to the same green platform or to the two round drains in front of you. Meanwhile, a rabbit will attack you, maybe eliminate it before trying to get the Darkwing Doll. There is also a diamond under it. The next part is a little tricky. To proceed, you will need to climb on the green platforms that move horizontally, or cling to them. You will have to avoid both touching the spikes and falling into the sevage below. The trick is to get up on the platforms and get off them while holding on at the right time. Act calmly and accurately. Eventually, after killing an alligator, you will find a large first aid kit on a ledge. Grab it and carefully jump up the slender columns to the right, being careful not to fall and kill the rabbit before it can attack you. This way you will arrive at the boss fight in full health.


Darkwing Duck The Liquidator.png

This boss will move back and forth, immersed in the water. While he's submerged, he's invulnerable - if he gets close to you, jump over it or grab onto the platform in the middle of the room. Occasionally then, the boss will stand up and play a trumpet, calling three drops of water, which will attack you. This is the only time you can attack the boss, but you have to watch out for the drops. The vertical ones will simply jump upwards and are easy to avoid. The horizontal ones instead, once reached a certain height, will come towards you, moving with an angle of 45 °. You can destroy the drops with two gunshots, but it's best to just avoid them and focus on the boss. If you still have the Arrow Gas, you will inflict massive damage on him and defeat him in no time.