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Go right, trying to eliminate the flowers on the tree trunks from a distance, they will shoot you. You will have to hit them several times, so that they cannot regenerate. Some bulldogs will charge you, shoot them fast, because they are quite tough. To overcome the pools of water, you will have to cling to some horizontal tendrils. You can only hold on to them though, not climb on them like with a normal platform. As you pass the second pool, you will be attacked by birds, which will come towards you. You will then have to jump and shoot at the same time to kill them. Immediately after the pool you will find a diamond on the ground. After passing the third pool, there is a very linear stretch, in which you will be attacked by several enemies; you should therefore shoot continuously.

After passing the small gap, you will enter a kind of cave. Here, too, some birds will come towards you. You will also have to pass behind three waterfalls, which will not allow you to see Darkwing as you pass. You will then have to pass in front of a huge waterfall, taking advantage of some rocks and descending platforms. Here too you will be attacked by birds, so be very careful not to fall. In the middle of the waterfall, you will have the possibility to choose between a path at the top and one at the bottom. You should follow the one above first. You will find a gold bar after the waterfall. Continue to the right again. Here too you will have to pass behind three waterfalls; this time, however, there is a catch. Behind the last waterfall there is in fact a hidden gap. You will then have to jump to overcome it. This way, you will reach a large first aid kit. At this point, go back and take the lower passage. There is a Thunder Gas on a boulder in front of the waterfall, or, further on on the right, you will find the Arrow Gas. Here, too, you will have to pass behind three waterfalls. There is a hidden gap behind each of them, so get over them by jumping. After the falls you will find a large gas energy canister.

Drop to the right. You will come to a screen where you will be attacked by two bats. Go right and walk behind the waterfall to reach a hidden area. Here, clinging to some lanterns, you can get a Darkwing Doll and, later on, a gold bar. However, be careful of the bats and not to fall. Go back and this time go behind the waterfall on the left. There is a hidden gap, which will allow you to go down to the lower level. Continue to the right. In this area you will be attacked by some rather slow and clumsy birds. If you hit them, they will attack you very quickly and it takes another hit to kill them. In case of problems then just avoid them. You will also encounter some enemies with armor. You will have to hit them in the head twice to defeat them. Using the tendrils, you can reach a large first aid kit, on a ledge in the upper left. Then continue to the right, clinging to the branches to overcome the pools of water. Try not to get hit by the birds, to reach the boss in full health. Grab the hanging lantern and head right to meet the boss.


Darkwing Duck Brushroot.png

There are two tendrils on this screen, one at the top and one at the bottom. Brushroot will just hop on the lower tendril or floor and you can then attach him easily. Each time you hit him, however, he will rise to the highest tendril, where he’s difficult to reach. In the meantime, a hand will emerge from one of the tree trunks and will throw three green balls at you, which you will have to avoid. So move so that you are out of range. After throwing the three balls, the hand will disappear and the boss will drop, making it possible to attack him again. Repeat the process until you defeat him. Also in this case, the Thunder Gas will be useful, which allows you to hit the boss without being at the same level as him, and also the Arrow Gas, which causes considerable damage.