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The mine and refinery

The mine is a component of the construction area used to create buildings within Darwinia. It rips raw polygons from the hillside, refines them into primities,and transports them to the construction yard through the trunk port.


  • Refine 20 Primitives
  • Enable Yard Trunk Port
  • Collect Research item
  • Enable Generator Trunk Port


Clear the initial incubator and collect the souls. When you start to clear the refinery, two trifids on the large island will awaken and start shelling the second incubator. You can destroy the launched eggs with one or two grenades from a squad.

To deal with the trifids, send an engineer to the generator trunk port behind them, and reprogram it. Create a squad there, and have them sneak up behind the trifids and launch a pack of grenades.

Advance through the large island to the incubator, and capture it. Look for two more trifids and kill them before they start long range shelling.

Clear the rest of the island, and use officers to order Darwinains to man the mines. Also, collect the Airstrike program at the end of the island.

Finally, send a team to the trunk port. You will have to send a squad through a radar dish first to provide cover for reprogramming the other side. Then, reclaim the trunk gate while dealing with the rest of the infection.

Demo level differences[edit]

In the demo, the mission is much easier - there are no trifids that reinfect the region that you cleared.

The other demo mission is Launchpad, which takes place after the great virus war.