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Human buildings are easy to guess what they do and the techs they provide. The basis of any settlement is its Town Hall and you'll always start an online kingdom game with just a town center. Human buildings are built on building tabs shown on the game map around the town hall.You can purchase addition building plots for gold. Clicking on empty building plots brings up the list of buildings available.

Orc Buildings

Elven Buildings

Military Buildings[edit]

Barracks - The Barracks trains Infantry and researches Upgrades. Trains Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Macemen and researches Infantry Upgrades.

Stables - The Stable trains Cavalry. Trains Cavaliers, Mounted Knights, Unmounted Knights and researches Cavalry Upgrades.

Archery Range - The Archery Range allows the training of Ranged units and Upgrades. Trains Archers, Crossbowmen and researches Archery Upgrades.

Blacksmith - Researches many upgrades for your units. Including Efficiency, Armor and Weapon upgrades. The tech "masonry" unlocks stone walls.

Siege Workshop - The Siege Workshop builds Siege Equipment and researches Upgrades. Builds Siege Towers, Battering Rams, Trebuchets, Siege Ladders and researches Siege Equipment Upgrades. Also unlocks some wall defenses.

Economy Buildings[edit]

Town Hall - The Town Hall is the center of your town. It trains Peasants, Horse Carts, researches economic and stronghold improvements, builds Wall upgrades and acts as a Resource Drop Off point.

Mill - The Mill has Wheat fields which can be grown and harvested. Resource Drop Off point. No Wheat is grown during the winter.

Market - The Market opens trade routes directly to your city. Allows trading of resources for gold and the pruchasing of resources with gold.

Barn - The Barn Raises Livestock and researches Livestock Upgrades. Raises Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Cows, Pigs, and Sheep. Trains Horse Carts. Researches Livestock upgrades.

Storehouse - Allows research of many economic upgrades. Trains Peasants. Resource Drop Off point for Wood, Gold and Stone. Researches Economy upgrades. Adds 350 storage room to a settlement.

House -The House increases population cap and resource cap for each house built.