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Dod avalanche overview.jpg
Players 0-32
Type Territorial Control
Popularity High
Bias Wehrmacht

Avalanche was one of the original 4 maps released with the game, and is one of the most popular with a number of servers running this map 24/7. There are multiple well hidden sniping spots, and places for machine gunners to camp, as well as at least 3 different routes through the map, each suited to different types of combat.

General Info[edit]

The main route through the map passes through the centre point (Fountain), which requires two team members to be in the fairly wide capture area for a significant amount of time. This route is very open, and assault players will be particularly vulnerable to sniper and mg fire. This route also lies on a large hill, running all the way from the 1st Axis flag to the 1st Allied flag (hence the name Avalanche). Riflemen will do well following this route. When the Wehrmacht have control of the fountain, this can lead to a slight Axis advantage as it is easier for grenades to roll towards the Allied spawn. The second route through the map starts from Allied spawn and runs until the 2nd Axis flag (this is seen as the buildings on the right of the map overview). This route is well suited to support and rocket players (possibly assault too), as the rooms are fairly large and there are multiple more open plan sniping points along the way (which work very well to fire rockets from). This route allows a very quick meeting between opposing forces as it is the shortest route across the map. The final major route through the map runs from slightly behind the 1st Axis flag to just near the 2nd Allied flag (this is seen as the buildings on the left of the map overview). This route is suited well to assault players, due to the regular turns and small rooms. This route runs through the church, which the clever player will climb the tower to check for enemy snipers or riflemen.

Other Map Views[edit]

Map Strategies[edit]

US Army[edit]

The US generally have a slightly harder time on Avalanche due to the upwards slope of the map for them. It can also be hard to take the fountain as there is mostly only one route to the centre point compared to the Axis routes from each of their first 2 flags. Therefore skilled snipers and machine gunners should try to hold off the Wehrmacht's attempts to take the fountain, while riflemen try to take the fountain by going prone and hiding behind the large chunks or stone around the fountain, or possibly with the help of an assault player's smoke grenade. Once the fountain has been taken, assault players should more easily be able to get across to the church route across the map, allowing them to infiltrate the Axis base and take their 1st flag from behind (remembering to take out as many snipers and machine gunners camped in the axis base as possible). Support players can then head through the route to the 2nd Axis flag, taking an mg with them to keep the flag secure from the camping spot facing it. As soon as only the 1st Axis flag remains, support players can go through the church to try and flank the Wehrmacht, while riflemen and possibly some assault players attempt to take the flag head on by approaching from the fountain. If the US found themselves pushed back so that only their first flag remains, they must first of all try to reclaim their second point through the use of smoke, probably approaching from the route that takes you out to the room above the second flag, supported by a sniper to take out possible grenadiers. An mg should camp overlooking the first point to ensure it is not taken, and until the second flag is reclaimed support and assault players should keep near the 1st flag (taking care to avoid grenades) to ensure the point is not taken by a flanking German. Once the second point has been taken back, the US should try and set up an mg to clear the fountain area so it can be claimed for the Allies, while assault members push back the Axis assault from the two other routes.


The Wehrmacht have a slightly easier time due to the downward slope, more concealed sniping points in their base and the extra route that leads out to the fountain. As soon as the map starts an mg should be sent left from spawn to camp on the balcony above the 2nd Axis flag, allowing them to take out US attempts on the centre point as well as players attempting to get into the church. With this support, as well as that from snipers overlooking the fountain, riflemen and support player should easily be able to take the fountain by hiding behind bits of rubble. Once the fountain has been taken, smoke should be employed to take the 2nd Allied by approaching from the fountain, and all grenades should be sent down towards the Allied spawn. At this point, the constant use of grenades should push back the US towards their spawn, and the Wehrmacht will be able to not only attack from snipers on the church tower and players approaching from the fountain, but also by flanking through to the base from the route starting at the 2nd Axis flag (one tea-mmate can jump on another's back to clear the rubble and perform a sneak attack, while the other makes sure no US players get past). As long as the fountain and second point is held by machine gunners, a good Axis team should be able to keep up a good assault on the first flag. If the Wehrmacht find themselves being pushed back and the US have taken the fountain, every attempt should be made to reclaim the fountain, as once securely held by the US, they will easily be able to secure the second Axis flag too. If you find yourself in this situation, attempt by the use of smoke to reclaim the second Axis point, and clear out the route that follows on from it. Assault players should go through the church to prevent flank attacks on the Axis base, while snipers try to pick off US campers covering the fountain. An mg should cover 1st Axis flag from behind, as US members could easily sneak around the Axis base giving a US victory.


Suggested Camping Spots and Hideouts[edit]

US Army[edit]

  • Roof overlooking 1st Allied (go across bridge in spawn, but instead to climbing over rubble turn right)
  • Windows in house above 2nd Allied
  • Balcony over 2nd Allied (jump out of left window)
  • Doorway next to church entrance
  • Church window
  • Top of church tower (and sloped roof to the left)
  • Windows in the dark room facing exit from 1st Axis towards fountain
  • Windows in the room with no roof facing exit from 1st Axis towards fountain
  • Cut in wall overlooking 2nd Axis in the corridor leading to the room with no roof


  • Sandbags overlooking 1st Axis (go sharply right at spawn)
  • Balcony above 2nd Axis
  • Large hole in the wall overlooking the fountain (go left instead of right when heading towards church route)
  • 2 small shutters overlooking the fountain (head towards 2nd flag from spawn, but head right rather than going outside)
  • Church window
  • Top of church tower (and sloped roof to the left)
  • Windows in the dark room facing Second Allied if on window ledge (good for rockets)
  • Window overlooking 1st Allied on the right
  • Roof overlooking 1st Allied and Allied spawn (allows direct fire into US spawn, so check server rules first)