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Case 2-1: Image In The Monitor[edit]

  • Starts: September 20, 6.00am in the Security Room
Jessie has spotted Carlito dragging Dr. Barnaby out of the bookstore - Brad heads off to rescue the old man, and Frank decides to tag along for the story.

Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately

Grab any supplies you think you might need from the Security Room, and head out to the rooftop through the vents; from there, use either the elevator or the maintenance door to get into the Warehouse and then pass into Paradise Plaza.

Once you enter Paradise Plaza, you'll get a call from Otis letting you know that the shutter between the Paradise and Entrance Plazas has opened, which is a very useful alternative to crossing the Leisure Park and then going through the Food Court and Al Fresca Plaza.

Before you head to the Entrance Plaza, stock up on health items from Columbian Roastmasters - and if you're low on ammo, head up to the Leisure Park door to find a couple of security guard zombies with handguns you can use. Once you're fully stocked, go back down past the Warehouse doorway to the Entrance Plaza.

DeadRising 3DaySurvivor.jpg Carlito

This guy's a tough cookie - not long after his first defeat at the hands of Frank, Carlito is back for another one. This time, he's armed with a powerful sniper rifle, and as such will be much more difficult to get close to than last time.

The best tactic is to head up either of the escalators right beside your starting position, and then head around to the right, and take cover behind the corner of Outta Sight on the left. From here, you should be able to target Carlito on the opposite walkway without exposing yourself to his fire.
Once Carlito's been defeated the second time, Brad and Frank rescue Dr. Barnaby, and return to the Security Room - but Brad's been shot and needs medical assistance. Jessie's able to patch him up, but will need a medical kit.

Case 2-3: Medicine Run[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately

Your destination is Seon's Food & Stuff, in the northwest corner of the North Plaza. The quickest route is to go Paradise Plaza, recharging your batteries and stocking up on food and weapons, then take the shortcut to Wonderland Plaza before passing through to the western end of North Plaza and heading north to Seon's.

If you didn't open the shortcut earlier, you'll have to go through the Leisure Park, avoiding the convicts, and then entering the eastern end of North Plaza and making your way through the undead hordes until you get to Seon's.

It's also worth dropping into Ripper's Blades to pick up a katana or two while you're here.

Inside the store, take a couple of zombie-free minutes to top up your health as needed and stock up on health items - the best items are orange juice and milk along the back wall, or wine on the far left side.

When you're ready, head to the pharmacy door in the rear left corner of the store, between the seafood and meat counters. You can't open it immediately, though - the door's locked, and you've got to fight for the key.

Steven Steven

The crazed manager of Seon's, Steven has an intense hatred of vandals - and a prisoner stuffed in a tricked-out shopping cart, in the form of Isabela, the woman Frank saw in the Entrance Plaza just before the undead hordes swarmed in.

As if Steven's murderous shopping cart wasn't bad enough, he's also got a shotgun for those moments when you're out of range. Fortunately, the store has plenty of cover in the form of the aisle shelves, as well as loads of items to help you get health back when you need it.

Steven's shopping cart is very slow to turn, so start off by running down the aisle away from him, then duck to one side and stand a couple of aisles over with your guns out, waiting for him to come out. Fire a few shots and then duck back down another aisle then repeat. If he's getting too close, you can also hop up onto the shelves and into an adjacent aisle; while it might be tempting to stay up there, Steven will just resort to his shotgun.

It is possible to get behind Steven to use melee weapons, either by outrunning him or using the shelves (he can't turn around once he's down an aisle) but it's really not recommended as your first course of action unless you've got a katana or two handy and have plenty of health just in case.

Isabela doesn't hang around for long after Steven's been dispatched, but with the pharmacy key in your possession, you can now open the staff entrance. Follow the corridor all the way along and go into the Pharmacy to find the medical kit, which you've got to bring back to the Security Room. Depending how long you've got left on the mission, it's best just to head straight back - avoid zombies (and the convicts if you're passing through the Leisure Park), and speak to Jessie in the Security Room to hand over the medicine.