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Case 4-1: Another Source[edit]

  • Starts: September 20 at 3.00pm in the Security Room
Frank spots Isabela outside Seon's again on the security monitor, and decides that she might be more the sort of information source he needs for his story.

Case 4-2: Girl Hunting[edit]

  • Starts: Automatically

Go to Seon's in North Plaza and fight Isabela.

Isabela Isabela

As soon as the fight starts, Isabela guns the engine of her bike and drives straight at you. That bike can do significant damage if you're not careful, so the first order of business is to keep out of the way - you can either dodge, or if you're a decent aim and have a gun, a well-placed shot will cause her to swerve. If you have any gun, you can alternatively run directly to your right and jump on the boxes or things over there – not up the scaffold, but the wall leading up to the supermarket – and Isabela cannot hit you. From there you can just shoot her dead.

If you need to recover some health, climb up onto the scaffolding in the area to get out of the way before eating anything - but don't try to get into Seon's, as Isabela will escape and you'll fail the mission.

Head back to the Security Room for an optional cutscene with Dr. Barnaby.