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Case 5-1: A Promise To Isabela[edit]

  • Starts: September 21, 12.00am in the empty store beside Pearly White's Photo in North Plaza
Be there at 12, or shortly after, to meet Isabela - keep a gun out, because she'll be attacked by a zombie just after the first cutscene ends, and you've got to kill it without hurting her. She's been shot by Carlito, and needs medical attention.

Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately

Pick up Isabela and open the door, but be careful - Kindell might be in the area, and will shoot at you if he is. You'll either have to talk to him to get him to join your party, or just kill him.

One advantage of carrying Isabela is that the zombies have a harder time grabbing onto you; in most cases, you can just muscle straight through a crowd of them without much trouble - that even goes for the ones in the warehouse elevator.

Carry Isabela back through North Plaza and across the Leisure Park, avoiding the zombies and the convicts, as even if you've killed them before they'll have respawned at midnight.

Head through Paradise Plaza, keeping out of the way of the undead - fortunately, the cultists aren't around at this point - and go through the Warehouse to the Rooftop.

Inside, Jessie will start patching Isabela up, while Frank explains who she is and Brad makes plans for questioning her as soon as she's awake.