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Case 8-1: Jamming Device[edit]

  • Starts: September 21, 5:00pm
Jessie still can't get through to DHS headquarters, but Isabela remembers that Carlito has a signal jammer in his hideout, and offers to help disable it.

Case 8-2: Hideout[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately

Isabella is your "escort" for this mission, and she is not quite as useless as other Survivors, given that she starts out armed with a handgun and will actually use it. However, you will still have your work cut out for you as she is actually leading you - she will charge headlong into crowds of zombies in a manner experienced players have come to expect of the game's "A.I.". Solution: cheat! Arm yourself with a powerful melee weapon beforehand, activate your guide arrow and clear her path for her.

Head out onto the roof and speak to Isabella - if you don't, she'll just stand by the air vents. It is possible to leave her there until you get the elevator cleared though, which can make it a little easier since you don't have to worry about hurting her. Take the elevator down to the Warehouse and out into Paradise Plaza. Cross Leisure Park and enter North Plaza.

The entrance to Carlito's Hideout is down the side corridor towards the Huntin' Shack gun store, in the last empty store on the left. The store should be empty at this point, so if you use guns as part of your playing style, it's advisable to head in and pick up at least a couple of shotguns from behind the counter, before you go to the empty store and climb up into the Hideout.

Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately
Isabela's trying to crack Carlito's password, when Frank is called back to the Security Room by Jessie, who's seen something important on the security monitor.

You'll be heading back to the Security Room on your own, so head into the Hunting Shack if you haven't already and stock up before going back.

Jessie's discovery is footage from the Maintenance Tunnels, which shows Carlito being dragged into the butchers storeroom by a massive man with a cleaver.

Case 8-4: The Butcher[edit]

  • Starts: Immediately

The quickest way to the butcher's requires the Maintenance Tunnel Key - head down the stairs next to the Paradise Plaza bathrooms and take the white car. If you don't have the key, head out across the Leisure Park and use the red sports car.

Heading into the butcher's, Frank finds Carlito being hung up on a conveyor by Larry, a Chinese butcher seemingly obsessed with his new source of fresh meat. He offers to grind Carlito up, and there's not much Frank can do to dissuade him.
Larry Larry

It's important to note that if you take too long against Larry, Carlito will end up in the meat grinder - and while that may seem like reasonable punishment considering the trouble he's caused you, it won't help solve the mysteries behind the zombie outbreak.

Keep your distance and use the hanging meat as cover when you need to eat, but watch out for thrown items - including the cattle carcasses, which Larry will occasionally throw at you. Submachine and shotguns are great for chipping away at his health, but if you get in close a katana will also make short work of the butcher - although you'll have to watch out for his cleaver.

Carlito is dying, but still won't give up any information - and insists that his plan still hasn't been stopped. Just before he finally dies, he hands Frank a locket and asks him to deliver it to Isabela.

The Facts: Memories begins on September 21 at 10:00pm in Carlito's hideout.