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Clothes Horse
20 Gamerscore points
Clothes Horse
Across all modes, change into every costume in the Mall

To acquire the Clothes Horse achievement you must change into all clothes (and costumes) available in the mall. Some of the outfits are available in multiple stores, so you might not have to visit every store to get the achievement.

Paradise Plaza[edit]


  • White dress shoes.
  • Black dress shoes;

Kids Choice Clothing[edit]

  • Red/gray Ratman shirt and brown shorts.
  • Horse head helmet (in back room).

Universe Of Optics[edit]

  • Small, round, red lensed, thin, black rimmed sunglasses.
  • Dark, sleek oblong lensed, thin, black rimmed sunglasses.
  • Clear, rounded-rectangle lensed, thin, black rimmed glasses.
  • Large, round lensed, thin, silver rimmed sunglasses (aviators).
  • Large, orange lensed, black rimmed sunglasses.


Lower Level:

  • White trainers with red line and high white socks with red and blue stripes at the top.

Ye Old Toybox[edit]

  • Teddy Bear mask/helmet.

Tyke N' Tots[edit]

  • Green Ratman shirt and denim shorts.

Colby's Movieland[edit]

In the Toy Store:

  • Mega Man helmet.

Child's Play[edit]

  • Servbot mask/helmet.

Tucci's of Rome[edit]

  • White and black singlet with bikini model and dark, pinstriped shorts.
  • Black baseball cap.


  • Black dress shoes with red socks.
  • Dark pork pie hat with light ribbon.
  • White business shirt with black tie and dark trousers.

Wonderland Plaza[edit]

Fanfare Fashion[edit]

  • Dark ladies business suit and white blouse.

Casual Gals[edit]

  • Short blue dress.

Small Fry Duds[edit]

  • Pink and black striped t-shirt and small pink denim shorts.


  • Black, one-piece wrestling leotard with white stripes.

Scuffs and Scrapes[edit]

  • Star-spangled blue shirt and short, red shorts.

Fine-Lady Cosmetics[edit]

  • Red hair.
  • Brown hair.

The Lens Zen[edit]

See Universe Of Optics.

Modern Businessman[edit]

  • Gold business suit, white shirt and green tie.

Lovely Fashion House[edit]

  • Black and red flowery summer dress.

Kokonutz Sports Town[edit]

  • Blue vest and khaki shorts.

Run Like The Wind[edit]

  • Orange chuck taylors.
  • Black trainers with red stripes.
  • White trainers with red stripes.
  • Black baseball cap.
  • Blue and white baseball cap.

Al Fresca Plaza[edit]

Brand New U[edit]

  • Pink dress set.

Eyes Like Us[edit]

See Universe Of Optics.

Entrance Plaza[edit]

Men's Storehouse[edit]

Fitting room:

  • White dress shirt with tie on right-hand side.
  • Brown shirt with red tie and brown pants on left-hand side.

Rafael's Shoes[edit]

  • White dress shoes.
  • Black dress shoes with purple socks.

J.F. Nichols'[edit]

  • Pink and black flower dress.

J.W.'s Sporting Goods[edit]

Fitting room:

  • Black wrestling suit.
  • Bare foot.
  • Orange chucks.
  • White shoes with red stripes.
  • Black shoes with red stripes.

Refined Class[edit]

  • Black dress with white blouse.

Sports High[edit]

  • Camouflage vest with black shorts.


  • White dress with pink blouse.


  • 34 jersey with plaid shorts.
  • Black Fedora hat.

Fashion Fiesta[edit]

  • White lace dress.

Distinguished Gentleman[edit]

  • White dress shoes.
  • Brown coat, black pants, yellow shirt.

Gramma's Kids[edit]

Fitting room:

  • Rat man shirt with shorts.

Children's Castle[edit]

  • Goblin's mask.

Fine Lady Cosmetics[edit]

  • Black hair on the right-hand side.
  • Grey hair on the left-hand side.

Modern Businessman[edit]

Fitting room:

  • White suite with dark shirt and striped tie.

Star Sporting Goods[edit]

Fitting room:

  • USA shirt with shorts.

Women's Lib[edit]

Fitting room:

  • Purple dress.


Left-hand side when walking into store:

  • Black striped dress suit with white shirt and black-and-white striped tie.

Jamming Juvenile[edit]

Center display when walking into store:

  • Rat man shirt with blue jean shorts.

Ladies' Space[edit]

Fitting room:

  • White dress with blue and brown flowers.

The Shoehorn[edit]

Right-hand side of store, also on the front- and middle-left-side:

  • White dress shoes.

Right-hand side of store, also on the back-left-side:

  • Black dress shoes with purple socks.

In The Closet[edit]

Fitting room:

  • Bikini girl shirt with black shorts.
  • Fedora of some color.
  • Blue and white baseball cap.

Outta Sight[edit]

See Universe Of Optics.

Kathy's Boutique[edit]

Fitting room:

  • Pink and black flower dress.

North Plaza[edit]

Ripper's Blades[edit]

  • Bald Head.