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Xbox 360 Wii Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Walk/Run
Neutral rstick Neutral dpad Move camera
R button N/A Reset camera position
LB button and RB button B button+Left dpad and Right dpad Switch Items
A button Remote button and A button Jump/Confirm
B button Remote button, Z button+A button and B button On-screen action/Cancel
X button A button and Remote button Attack/Use item
Y button Plus button Call survivors
LT button Left dpad and Right dpad Camera View Mode
RT button Up dpad and Down dpad Aim View Mode
Up dpad N/A Unequip item
Down dpad N/A Drop item
Left dpad Minus button Check wristwatch/View current tasks
Right dpad Minus button Answer transceiver
Back button 1 button Show map
Start button 2 button Pause menu

Camera View Mode (Xbox 360 only)[edit]

Pull and hold LT button to enter Camera View Mode.

Control Action
Neutral lstick Move
Neutral rstick Aim camera
X button Take photo
B button Zoom in
A button Zoom out

Aim View Mode[edit]

Pull and hold the button to enter Aim View Mode.

Xbox 360 Wii Action
RT button B button Ready your weapon
Neutral lstick Remote button Aim
X button A button Throw/fire weapon
Y button N/A Set goal marker for survivors