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As well as the additional PP from photographing PP stickers, there are a number of PP Bonuses in Willamette Parkview Mall available for all sorts of tasks.

Al Fresca Plaza[edit]


  • Run on each treadmill to earn a 2,000 PP Treadmill Bonus, and another 10,000 PP All treadmills Bonus when you've used them all.
  • Destroy each punchbag to earn a 2,000 PP Sandbag Destroyed Bonus, and get another 10,000 PP All Sandbags Destroyed Bonus when you've destroyed them all.

Food Court[edit]

Chris' Fine Foods[edit]

  • Shoot the plates on the wall to earn a 1,000 PP Food Court Dish Broken Bonus for each one, plus another 10,000 PP All Food Court Dishes Broken Bonus when you break them all.

Paradise Plaza[edit]

Child's Play[edit]

Align servbot head in Child's Play Toy Store. 10,000 PP.

In the Child's Play toy store in Paradise Plaza bash the giant ServBot with a large object several times until the face facing the cash register is aligned correctly. You can use Frank's spit for small adjustments (Hold RT then tap X while unequipped).

If you're having trouble doing this, check out the smaller ServBot heads below the giant head to see what the face is supposed to look like.[1]

Wonderland Plaza[edit]

  • Ride the Wonderland Plaza Space Ride for a 10,000 PP Rider Completed Bonus.