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To get this achievement simply answer and listen to all the calls that Otis gives you on the walkie-talkie during the entire 72-hour mission. You will need to go through most of the 72 hour mode doing the cases for you to receive all Otis's calls. You will not receive calls if you are in the security room, on the roof, or in the area of the scoop/survivors. All scoop calls and case calls are needed (including the calls you get just before the case starts) total of 38 calls.

Five Survivors are also needed for scoop calls: Ronald Shiner, Floyd Sanders, Kindell Johnson, Cheryl Jones, Paul Carson, and Simone Ravendark. Ronald, Kindell, and Floyd need three other survivors in their rooms for their scoops to activate. Possible survivors to save in Kindell's room include (any 3): Jeff, Natalie, Leah, Josh, Barbara, Rich, Gordon, Jennifer, and Wayne. Possible survivors to save in Ronald's room include (any 3): Bill, Burt, Aaron, Sophie, Heather, and Pamela. Possible survivors to save in Floyd's room include (any 3): Tonya, Ross, Sally, Nick, Jolie, and Rachel. Other survivors in these rooms do not appear until after you would get the scoop calls, so they do not qualify. So in total you must save fourteen survivors for the Transmissionary achievement as a bare minimum. Further details are on the Survivors and Scoops pages