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Dead Rising has three game modes, although only one will be available initially.

  • 72 Hour Mode provides the main plot, and it's where you'll spend most of your play time. The Survivor and Psychopath achievements are only available in this mode, and it also offers the most freedom for experimenting with weapons and routes. The walkthrough provides instructions on how to complete the Cases, which will allow you to discover the whole story of Dead Rising and unlock Overtime Mode; the optional side-quests called Scoops are covered in a separate section.
  • Overtime Mode is a continuation of the Dead Rising story - an extra 24 hours to tie up the loose ends and questions left at the end of 72 Hour Mode. Completing Overtime Mode will unlock the final game mode, Infinity Mode.
  • Infinity Mode is a survival challenge. Frank's health decreases over time, and must be topped up with food from around the mall, or taken from other survivors and psychopaths.