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Minor Enemies[edit]

Bounder Tower Slime
Deadly Towers Bound.png Deadly Towers Tower Slime.png Deadly Towers Slime.png
Bounders are spherical objects that bounce up and down in a location. They are easy to avoid, but difficult to kill because they have a tremendous number of hit points. Bounder Towers can be one of the deadliest, and yet one of the most useful enemies that you'll encounter in dungeons. A group of Bounders join together to make a tall stack, while one Bounder swings around the outside attacking anyone who gets close. When you defeat such a Tower, you can collect a large amount of Ludder and hearts from the individual Bounders who get defeated. A slime is a very basic and simple enemy that crawls along the floor and tried to drain energy from anything that it can find.
Crud Crawler Anemone
Deadly Towers Cloud.png Deadly Towers Crawler.png Deadly Towers Gee1.png Deadly Towers Gee2.png
Cruds have even less form than slimes, and will wander around the floor aimlessly looking for food. They are known to corrode armor. Crawlers are the most mobile of the Slime family. They move with a little more purpose, but they are still fairly weak enemies. Anemone can be found with and without tentacles. They crawl along the ground and spit fire when angered. They travel in groups.
Fire Spark Fog
Deadly Towers Fire.png Deadly Towers Spark.png Deadly Towers Fog.png
Small fire spirits dance around various locations throughout the game. They are unpredictable, but they are weak and easy to defeat. Sparks rise from the depths below the castle in groups of four or five. Then tend to rise in waves. Walk past them carefully, or defeat them one by one. Although a Fog is not entirely a fire spirit, it is a pool of corrupted life energy that gathers spontaneously and floats gently through the air.


Rats Bats Blimes
Deadly Towers Rat.png Deadly Towers Bat1.png Deadly Towers Bat2.png Deadly Towers Bat3.png Deadly Towers Blime1.png Deadly Towers Blime2.png
The rats in this world come complete with wings, but they only use them to hop lightly off the ground as they scurry around. Some varieties of rats are especially fast. Although bats can take a few various appearances, all bats behave fairly similarly. They don't have a lot of hit points, but they can be difficult to attack, especially the very fast bats. The faster the bats move, the stronger they tend to be, so gauge whether it is safe to be in a particular area by how fast the bats are moving. Equip very strong armor when you go up against the fastest. Blimes are strange creatures that prefer to stick to the walls of towers or dungeons. They collect food by jumping across a room from one wall to the other.
Spiders Scorpios Snakes Cobras
Deadly Towers Spider.png Deadly Towers Scorpio.png Deadly Towers Snake.png Deadly Towers Cobra.png
Spiders tend to move up and down along unseen webbings while hanging from the side of the mountain paths that lead to the towers, waiting for a hapless victim to walk by. Scorpios are not especially fast enemies, but the stinger in their tail packs a serious punch. They occur in groups and can be found in dungeons as well as certain passages above ground. Snakes are typically found below ground in dungeons. They live together in nests, so you will never encounter one alone. These very large snakes pounce quickly on their prey. Pay very special attention to these enemies if you happen to encounter them, and strike at them rapidly in order to prevent them from harming you.


Small Devil Pixie Wall Fish
Deadly Towers Small Devil.png Deadly Towers Pixie.png Deadly Towers Wall Fish.png
Small Devil's fly quickly around the screen. Despite their size, their offense and defense is high, so beware. These small creatures have fallen out of favor with Rubas. They have been caged up for stealing. If you shoot them, they will take away all of your Ludder. Wall fish live inside of the towers. They make their homes in small crevices, and dart out to attack when something come near.
Small Ghost Ghost Fire Ghost
Deadly Towers Small Ghost.png Deadly Towers Ghost.png Deadly Towers Fire Ghost.png
Small ghosts fly around towers in abundance. Without the ability to generate life energy on their own, they attempt to feed on the energy of the living. These larger ghosts are the collections of spirits that are full of hatred. The descend on the living in an effort to drain them of their life. The Fire Ghost is another culmination of souls that burn with hatred. They seek to destroy anything created by mankind, including man itself.
Serpent Black Box Gatekeepers
Deadly Towers Serpent.png Deadly Towers Black Backs.png Deadly Towers Gatekeeper.png
The serpent is one of the castle guardians that Rubas has designated to protect one of the passages in the castle. His large body blocks the pathway to a deeper section of the castle, while he swings his head about, breathing fire at all intruders. The creature known as Black Box is the second guardian the Rubas as assigned to guard a deeper passage in the castle. Like the serpent, he blocks a door and tosses fireballs at any one who attempts to make it past him. The gate keepers are a pair of enchanted armors. They have no soul or mind, they only know to slay anyone who attempts to pass through the door that lies between them. The only object that can break the spell cast over them is the Magic Key.


Werecat Weremonkey Weretiger Dwarf
Deadly Towers Werecat.png Deadly Towers Weremonkey.png Deadly Towers Weretiger.png Deadly Towers Dwarf.png
These crosses between cat and man were created by Rubas himself with black magic. They function as Rubas' servants. Weremonkeys actually cross monkeys with demons. They are quite dangerous, and found primarily in dungeons. More aggressive than Werecats, these creatures move extremely quickly, and can be difficult to combat. Children who were tricked by Rubas and sold their souls to him are transformed into caveman-like dwarfs who live in the dungeons.
Fire Demon Killer Hound Lizardman Hyper Knight
Deadly Towers Fire Demon.png Deadly Towers Killer Hound.png Deadly Towers Lizardman.png Deadly Towers Hyper Knight.png
Fire Demons are servants to the devils that wish to bring down mankind. They are a cross between evil men and wolves. A Killer Hound is a failed experiment to create a race of creatures that cross men with dragons. They are not very intelligent. Lizardmen are quite obviously a cross between men and reptiles. They are cruel and selfish, even to their own fellow humanoids. A ghost that succeeds in defeating a soldier will inhabit the armor of their slain foe, and haunt the area nearby, attempting to slay anyone who intrudes.