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To complete the game of Deadly Towers, you must spend a bit of time upfront preparing yourself for the later and more difficult battles ahead. The criticisms of Deadly Towers are well founded: you begin the game exceptionally weak in comparison to most of your enemies. In order to counter this, you must find places where money can be obtained easily, but slowly, and repeat the process frequently until you have accumulated a good amount of wealth with which to buy minor equipment. Even once you've obtained the money, finding the shops which sell such equipment is difficult without a guide since the dungeons are enormous and extremely easy to get lost in. The only assured method of surviving the dungeons without a walkthrough is to draw a map as you proceed. Each dungeon can be mapped to a 16×16 grid, and the sides cross over to one another (e.g. the left side connects with the right side, the top of the map connects to the bottom.)

Once the very basic and essential equipment has been purchased, you can proceed to seek out the far better ultimate equipment, which is hidden around various locations in the towers. The basic equipment you purchase will not make this task easy, but it will certainly make it possible to accomplish. Without basic equipment, you will not survive long enough to locate most of the items. When collecting the ultimate equipment, you usually have to make a judgment call over whether you wish to proceed directly to the boss battle and complete the tower, or postpone the fight and visit other towers, only to return to the current tower at a later time. When tower bosses are defeated, and you escape the tower, the entrance to that tower disappears, and with it, any chance of collecting the remaining items that it contained.

Eventually, you will find yourself with the greatest armor and weapons, and it will be possible to complete all of the towers and claim all seven bells. Every bell must be burned in the holy flame, and you can complete this task one at a time, all at once, or at any rate in between. Burning the bells not only brings you one step closer to beating the game, it also restores all of your missing life points. When all seven bells have been destroyed, the game will grant you access to the final area of the game, where Rubas awaits. You will find the best sword of the game, the Splendor, at that time. Proceed to the fight with Rubas and defeat him to win the game.

Survival tips[edit]

Deadly Towers Tip1.png
Collect as many Heart Circles as possible
Heart Circles are frequently located in castle passages, as well as tower pathways and in the towers themselves. Collect them carefully, but swiftly. Be aware that even though they raise your maximum hit points, you current hit points are unaffected, so don't rely on them to get you out of danger.
Deadly Towers Tip2.png
Defeat enemies intelligently
Many enemies have the ability to pass through walls or other locations where Prince Myer can not go. If you spend much effort killing an enemy inside of a wall, and money or a heart is left behind, you will have no ability to claim it. Kill enemies in locations where you can collect the treasure they drop.
Deadly Towers Tip3.png
Don't fall from cliffs
There are two types of cliff edges; with over-hanging grass and without. Prince Myer is safe while walking along cliff edges that are clear of over-hanging grass, but there is nothing to prevent him from slipping off the edge of a cliff with grass and falling to his death. For the sake of safety, stay away from the edges.
Deadly Towers Tip4.png
Time your sword throws
If you throw a sword out, and it misses your intended target, it will go sailing on to the end of the screen. Without the Double Shot power-up, you will have no choice but to sit and wait for the sword to disappear before you can throw another weapon. By then, the enemy may move, or worse yet, attack you. Make every throw count.
Deadly Towers Tip5.png
Attack enemies up close
Attacking an enemy has the benefit of freezing them in place. When you attack from close up, you are able to throw your sword at a much faster rate then if you attack from far away. The faster you throw your sword the more capable you will be of keeping an enemy frozen in place until you are able to defeat it.
Deadly Towers Tip6.png
Track the enemy patterns
Most enemies have very specific patterns of movement and behavior. As you get to know each one, you will become better able to predict the way that they are going to move, so that you can prepare to attack them, or avoid them entirely. Don't let an enemy lure you out of your way and put you in a dangerous position.
Deadly Towers Tip7.png
Choose your direction wisely
Prince Myer can face, move, and attack in eight different directions. Deadly Towers is a game that will occasionally require you to move diagonally, such as when you climb stairs. The angle the you move and attack from can have a tremendous impact on your survival. Movement and attacks are slightly fast on diagonals.
Deadly Towers Tip8.png
Attack from a ladder
Attacking from a ladder can be very advantageous but difficult to get used to. Prince Myer can only attack in six directions while standing on a ladder; left, right, and all four diagonals. He cannot throw his sword up or down, but by throwing diagonally, he can attack many of the enemies that await him on other floors.
Deadly Towers Tip9.png
Find the Parallel Worlds
Parallel Worlds are alternate dimensions of existing locations in the game where some of the greatest and most powerful items in the game have been lost or stored. The enemies that you find in these Parallel Worlds are stronger than the normal foes, but they are worth facing for the priceless treasure that they are protecting. Each Parallel World has a hidden portal back to the real world.
Deadly Towers Tip10.png
Map out the dungeons
This point cannot be stressed enough. Dungeons in this game are enormous and incredibly easy to get lost in. The location of the exit is never where you begin, and it can be many rooms away. Without making a map, you can end up getting lost or moving in circles for long periods of time. (Alternatively, you can check the dungeon map section.)