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  • Up dpad: Press up to advance one "space" forward.
  • Down dpad: Press down to perform an about-face.
  • Left dpad: Press left to turn 90 degrees to the left.
  • Right dpad: Press right to turn 90 degrees to the right
  • A button: Press A to open a door in front of you, or to accept a menu selection.
  • B button: Press B to access the command menu. Use up and down to scroll through the options. Press B again to return control to the game.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to begin a new game, and press it mid-game to bring up the save game menu from you can choose to save your current game, or continue playing.
  • Select button: Press Select to toggle the music on or off.

Character classes[edit]

Swordsman (剣士)
The hero's occupation. Swordsman excel in hand-to-hand combat, but they cannot make use of any magic. If the hero dies, the game is over, regardless if anyone else in your party survives.
Hunter (狩人)
A hunter may only master long-range weapons. Since ranged weapons are two handed, they cannot carry a shield. To compensate, they are capable of casting priest spells.
Priest (僧侶)
A priest is chiefly skilled in recovery and defensive magic. However, they are also quite capable at hand-to-hand combat. They may also carry a shield, and their defensive power is quite high.
Wizard (魔法使い)
A wizard is primarily skilled in offensive magic. They are particularly reliable when fighting against larger groups of enemies. However, their defensive power is considerably limited.

Status and Commands[edit]

Status Description
Occupation Your character class. See above for more explanation.
Level Your current level of experience. The highest level is 25.
EX Your current number of experience points. Your experience level will rise when you accumulate enough experience points.
HP Your current amount of health. The game is over if you are reduced to 0 hit points.
Max HP The highest amount of health your current experience level allows.
MP Your current amount of magic. You may only cast spells when you have enough magic points.
Max MP The highest amount of magic points your current experience level allows.
AC Your current Armor Class. This determines how much damage an enemy can inflict upon you. A higher AC means you are more likely to escape from an attack.
AP Your current attack power. This determines how much damage you can inflict. Note that having a high AP does not mean that an enemy can't dodge your attack.
ST Your current physical strength. Your strength combined with your weapon's damage potential determines your total attack power.
AG Your current agility. This determines how likely you are to hit, and how likely you are to avoid an attack from an enemy.
Luck Your current luck. This value can influence everything from how likely you are to dodge a trap to how frequently you perform a critical strike.
Command table
Command Translation Description
どうぐ Tool Utilize one of the items in your inventory.
じゅもん Spell Cast one of the spells that is known by a party member.
しらべる Examine Look closely at an object that you see, or search the space around you.
つよさ Stats View your character's current strength and status.
はなす Speak Attempt to communicate with another person that you see before you.
Battle table
Command Translation Description
たたかう Fight Attack an enemy that you see before you.
じゅもん Spell Cast one of the spells that is known by a party member.
みをまもる Defend Increase your defense against damage for one turn at the expense of attacking.
どうぐ Tool Utilize one of the items in your inventory.
にげる Escape Attempt to run away from an enemy that you encounter.
Game over menu
Command Translation Description
きろくしたところから はじめる Continue from the last save You will resume the game from the position of the last place that you saved your game.
ぼうけんを やめる Adventure stop The game will ask you hold the reset switch when turning off the machine to prevent data loss.