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Town of Hyuma[edit]

Deep Dungeon 3 map Town 1.png

You begin the game with 100 gold, which is extremely little money. You'll need to spend it wisely in order to ensure that your party members are capable of surviving enough fights in the underground in order to gain experience, and collect even more money for better equipment. If you have a party of each class type, you should by Leather armor for your Soldier and Hunter, and a Robe for your Priest and Wizard. This will cost 80 gold, leaving you with only 20 left. Purchase an Ax for the Soldier, and a Dart for your Hunter. After you survive a few battles and obtain more money, upgrade your Priest to Leather armor, and purchase a club for your Priest as well. Purchase an Arm Shield for your Soldier and Priest, buy a Dagger for your Wizard, and upgrade the Hunter to a Sling. You do not need to visit the magic shop or temple to learn spells until your Priest and Wizard reach level 3.

Access to the Underground is gained by using the ladder on the left side of the north end of town. Along the way, you will pass an item shop, where you can purchase helpful tools once you obtain more money.

Underground Level 1[edit]

Deep Dungeon 3 map Underground 1.png

There are no significant features to this map. The upper right section of the map is separate, and inaccessible until you obtain a key from the Tower that will grant you access to the area from the second level below. You are locked out of the lower right corner of the floor until you obtain the prison key from the floor below. Once you pass through this door, you can access the Town of Aisle. To reach the second level, you must travel to the lower left corner of the map. Near this staircase is a spot that contains a forced battle with Grizzly bears.

  • Chest: Slate
  • Note 1: There is a message written on the wall: There is a jail below. Be sure to help the imprisoned man.
  • Note 2: There are holes in the northern and southern walls. It seems something has already passed through.
  • Note 3: There is a hole in the northern wall. It seems something has already passed through.

Underground Level 2[edit]

Deep Dungeon 3 map Underground 2.png

There are many more locked doors in this level. Your first objective should be to obtain the prison key from the center of the map. Visit the room near the middle of the long vertical hallway that extends through the level. You will enter a forced battle in front of a door with a series of Guards. If you survive the battle, you will obtain the prison key.

Once you have the key, you should explore the upper left section of this floor in order to find a man who provides you with a key item, the Shinto Bell. Then head to the lower right section of the floor. After battling another large group of guards, you can access a ladder which will return you to the first floor, and from where you can exit the underground and visit the Town of Aisle.