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Deep Dungeon III handles towns different than the prior two installations of the games. First, there is more than one town to visit, though your ability to reach each town is dictated by your ability to survive various dungeons. Second, towns are presented as three dimensional areas that you navigate in a similar manner to dungeons. Therefore, towns are no longer menu driven. Instead, you must explore towns in order to find doors which provide different services. These services include:

You must spend a small amount of money to stay overnight at an inn. Doing so will restore all of your lost health and magic points. You may also save your game, change the formation of your party, remove a member from your party, or leave. Remember that, when changing the formation of your party, members who are closer to the first position have a higher likelihood of getting struck by enemies.
Item Shop
Here you may purchase items that will help you restore health or magic, recover from status effects, and other tools. You may also sell any of the items that are in your party's possession.
Equipment Shop
You can purchase weapons and armor to outfit your party with. Once you purchase equipment, remember to have your party member equip them, or they will provide you with no benefit in battle.
In a temple, you may learn priest spells, or you may revive a party member who has died. You can only learn those priest spells which your level permits, and you must pay to learn them. You must also pay a fee whenever you wish to revive a fallen member of your party.
Magic Shop
In the magic shop, mages can pay to learn wizard spells. Unlike the Temple, there is no other purpose for this shop.
In each town, there is one building which contains a man who can tell you pieces of information. In order to hear these bits of information, you must pay the man first. The more you are willing to pay, the more useful the information will be.

The world[edit]

The traversable world of Deep Dungeon III is broken into particular sections. Each section is connected in some fashion to another. This map helps illustrate the connections between sections:

[Town of Hyuma]   [Town of Aisle] -- [Tower]   [Town of Deruba] -- [Castle]
           |          |                 |          |
       [Undergound market]             [Cave dungeon]

You begin the game in the Town of Hyuma, which is connected to the infested underground market. In order to reach the next town over, you will have to brave the underground and find the route which leads to the Town of Aisle. But in order to do that, you will have to purchase equipment and then train to grow stronger and survive the battles against fierce opponents that await you in the underground.