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This last part of the story has four parts to this.

Doc is the last fighter you have to deal with to open another cutscene. Unless you have wrestling or submission in your background, it will be tough beating him without either of the skills. Most importantly, kickboxing could be the best style to use in this near finale.

You demand to see your girlfriend but Crow has one more offer. You'll be driven to the scrapyard where Blaze is nearly out. But you finally turned back to hit Crack and Magic knocks you down. The tag team is the toughest of all tag teams. Blaze's health is nearly out and if he vs Crack, he'll be out, forcing you to have a two on one fight. Also because of Magic submission's skills, you have to step in to interrupt his hold attack. It would be best to attack Crack first, as quickly as you can and at the same time defend them from Blaze. Use the environments and weapons to also cut down on their health much quicker than before.

You pick Magic up and demand to know where your girlfriend is. You take Blaze and drive to where Sticky is. In the old wooden house area, Sticky challenges you to a match, in a ring of fire, the "Inferno Match". The strategy is simple, use the fire to the advantage. There's two wooden poles holding the roof and any wood drop from the roof can be used as a weapon. You can submit him or KO through grapple or the fire.

Crow is challenged again but even though your outnumbered, D-Mob's crew came, with Crack and WC defecting to your side. But your fight is somewhere else. You sneak up to Crow's Office. Even though the gun is aimed at your, Magic capitulated and gives you the gun before you leave. You couldn't really shoot him because of the D-Mob's code but you're in a fight of your life. Crow attacks you with his stick but there's more to that: the "Window's Match" is the kind of ending that people in real life wouldn't do (except for movies). Anyway, you have to crack the window, three times, if you have the advantage. The reason really because half your health is gone so try and position him in such a way, he might be dying to be on his side of his car. Blaze previously took the medallion away gives it back to you. You take a minute and the credits roll. Is it the end? Don't be quick in your judgement and check what happens on the next page.