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It would be too hectic to name every battle you face. However there will be moments that will be mentioned throughout the first part of the story.

In the venue "The Limit" after your first fight in that place, you get to choose a girl: Cindy J, Kimora, Lil' Kim and Shawnna. Before you ask, they're real. Nyne stands in the way. If you win, you keep your girl. If you lose, you get Shaniqua.

That's not all, there's going to be one cat fight (unlike the last game in you get a few catfights, not cats but girls). If you choose to go against Carmen Electra in the venue "Babylon", you won't have to face Skull. If you choose Carmen Electra, you face Skull later on, costing some of your health.

There's also a first tournament as well. There sort of randomised so you won't know who your fighting against, unless the fighter is key in the fight stage. Lastly there's a fight against WC in the "Red Room".