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This starts off from the last game Def Jam: Vendetta after any four of the generic fighters in the story defeated D-Mob voiced by Chris Judge and win his girlfriend Angel played by Christina Milian. Also Manny who was shot in the last game got a job, healthy as he is, to take on as a tattoo maker. D-Mob is handcuffed by Jervis and Stark and is taken to their car. As they drive him to the station, an SUV out of nowhere smashed the car and a mysterious person which is you, escaped.

Jervis, shaken by that incident, is in the police station without D-Mob. Lauren will ask him for the description of the person they couldn't see. The character creation is really up to you. The categories is height, weight, size, appearances and voices. In particular, the GameCube has only rough voice whilst the Xbox and PlayStation 2 have rough, street, clean, cocky, smooth and gruff.

You and D-Mob walked in to the house where Redman as Doc is sleeping. Sticky Fingaz and Method Man as Blaze confronts you to see if you're allowed into the group. This leads to you choosing one style. Kickboxing, streetfighting, martial arts, wrestling and submissions. Depending on what console you own, the videogame Sticky and Blaze has the controller that if you blink, you miss.

Last of all, you'll be treated to learn the button layout at the beginning before you go to your new home.

Special note: Xbox owners may have to suspend disbelief due to the fact that Def Jam: Vendetta is not available for that console. So instead, you have to go with the flow presuming this is how the story started.