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GameCube PlayStation 2 Action
Neutral control Neutral lstick Movement
  • Grappling followup: Variation (per direction)
A button Cross button Grapple Attacks
  • Tap: Light grapple
  • Hold: Heavy grapple
  • Grappling: Throw (vary with stick)
  • Running: Run throw
  • Over prone opponent: Submission
B button Square button Strike Attacks
  • Tap: Light strike
  • Hold: Heavy strike
  • Grappling: Grapple attack (vary with stick)
  • Running: Run strike
  • Over prone opponent: Ground strike
A button+B button Cross button+Square button Power Strike
X button Circle button Run (toward opponent at default)
  • Toward ropes (inside ring): Bounce off
  • Toward ropes (outside): Jump in
  • On ropes: Run along
  • Near turnbuckle: Turnbuckle attack (hold to delay)
  • Over prone opponent: Hop over
  • Grappling: Irish Whip
Y button Triangle button Ring Interaction
  • Near ropes: Climb on
  • On ropes (with stick): Climb in/out of ring
  • Grappling near ropes: Throw out opponent
  • Tag Team: Tag partner
L button L1 button Evade (grapples)
  • Grappling: Switch holds (front/back)
  • Over prone opponent: Pin
R button R1 button Block (strikes)
  • Grappling: Release opponent
  • Over downed opponent: Stand them up
Z button L2 buttonR2 button Switch Opponent (3+ fighters, switches to closest foe)
Neutral cstick Neutral rstick Taunt (builds Momentum, like attacking)
  • Full Momentum: Activate Blazin'
  • Grappling: Blazin' Move (KOs foes in "Danger!")
Start button Start button Pause/resume game.