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Déjà Vu
Box artwork for Déjà Vu.
Developer(s)ICOM Simulations
Publisher(s)Mindscape, Kemco (NES, GBC). Reverb Triple XP (Steam)
Release date(s)
Mac OS icon.png
Mac OS
MS-DOS icon.png
NES icon.png
Flag of the United States.svg December, 1990
System(s)Macintosh, Apple IIGS, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, DOS, NEC PC-98, NES
Followed byDeja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas
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Déjà Vu (frequently subtitled "A Nightmare Comes True!!") is a point-and-click adventure game set in the world of 1940s hard-boiled detective novels and movies. It was released in 1985 for Macintosh as the first in the MacVenture series; it was later ported to several other systems, including the Commodore Amiga. Subsequent releases featured improved graphical features, including color.

Déjà Vu was the first game to use ICOM's trademark MacVenture interface and engine. This game and its sequel, Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas, require significant lateral thinking. Some situations are based in common detective techniques, while others require simple violence. Overall, they are more realistic than the two other MacVentures titles (Uninvited and Shadowgate), because there are no supernatural events involved.

Numerous ports were made, including versions for several home computer systems in 1987 and one for the NES in 1990. Versions of the game and its sequel containing new graphics and sound were released for Microsoft Windows in the early 1990s, and later as a combined single-cartridge release for the Game Boy Color in 1999 (under the title Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding, which was also released for DOS, Windows 3.x (1992), and Windows Mobile (2002)). In 2015, published Reverb Triple XP released a recreation of the game on Steam which simulates the old Macintosh and Apple IIGS interfaces.

"Déjà vu" is French for "already seen".

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