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A CED Phoenix Interceptor has crashed on Mars, and in order to help plan for future engagements, you need to retrieve it before the CED sends a recovery team.

Follow the canyon until you see a structure. Shoot the base holding the central platform to enter.

Collectors Icon[edit]

Location of the collectors Icon.

The collectors icon is located in the right path. While it is only a few rooms down, it is located directly above one of the entrances to the room.

Builders Icon[edit]

Location of the collectors Icon.

The builders icon is located in the left path. As you head through the rooms, you will eventually encounter a pool of lava. Above the lava is a ventilation shaft leading to the surface.

On the surface, you will see a set of rings. Fly through the first ring, and within the time limit (ranging from 20 to 60 seconds depending on difficulty), fly through the remaining rings to collect the builder's icon. On Insane difficulty, the path is only possible once you collect the AB Cooler.

Priest Icon[edit]

Head to the priest's hall, and place the icons in their alcoves. Enter the next door and head to the Priest's icon.

To get this icon, you need to follow the path between the columns, as shown on the ceiling or floor. The floor shows a faint trail, while the ceiling shows arrows pointing in the next direction to take. Mid-way through the path, you may see two arrows pointing in opposite directions. The first time you see this, head towards the center. Upon returning to the same area, head towards the corner to open the force field.

The priest icon is behind a set of forcefields. To reach it, look up at the ceiling and follow the arrows; you may need to use the headlight.


Note: This boss fight may be unwinnable. To minimize any problems, ensure you are running the latest version of Descent 3, and save the game. The issue is related to killing this robot while it is in it's starting location, or by killing it too quickly.

The Homunculus is a large robot that guards the phoenix. It's main attack is a charging ram, which is effective since it moves faster than your Pyro-GX. As it takes damage, it will release the two drones in is mouth, before collapsing on the ground.

The tub will fly in, and grab the phoenix, but the robot will rise back up. Destroy it again to complete the level.