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The introduction cutscent and briefing will give you the current version of the story and what needs to be done. The alien virus experiments is of interest to the Red Acropolis facility, and to get information on the virus, you need to get in contact with Dr. Sweitzer.


You are inserted in one of the secondary buildings of the Data Retention center. The first room is simply a ring with the exit on the back where two Gyros wait. Destroy them and head down the exit. The lower door will contain a few items, but the upper shaft leads to a tunnel towards another sub building that allows access to the surface.

When you see the exit covered by the forcefield, head to the door, and go through the door above. Shoot the switch to deactivate the forcefield.

If you need additional ammo, or want the AB Cooler, head down the tunnel and go through the door. Deactivate the combustion chamber by shooting the two switches below the entrance door and collect the cooler and homing missile. (If you get killed in the room, you can reopen it by shooting the switch outside the door.)

Surface and Access[edit]

When you head outside, you will encounter a few Gyros and your first Tubbs. The open area will give much more room for the robots to dogfight (if they are smart enough). Collect any desired energy or shield pickups.

The main center is located through the canyon, guarded by turrets. The entrance is located within the base of the side tower, as is an energy resupply depot.

The first tunnel will lead to a robot storage area. There is a large quantity of robots that will attack in this location. The data retention complex is behind this room.

Data Retention Complex[edit]

Restricted access terminal.

The main data retention complex is composed of an outer ring, three data rooms, and a matcen located on the upper area.

The first room, located on the left-side of the ring, contains administrative files. You can obtain a super laser in this room, and shoot the floor for a secret shield and ammo. Accessing the system will provide some information about Dravis and Sweitzer, before it crashes with the blue screen of death.

The second room, located on the right-side of the ring, contains the passkey for the restricted area, and a secret located underneath the passkey. As with the first room, it contains a system used to obtain information about upcoming fighters and robots, before the connection is lost.

After obtaining the key and possibly super laser, you can reach the restricted area. It is identified by the red lighting, and is on the opposite end of the entrance. When you enter, robots will come out of their hiding spots at the bottom to attack. However, you can collect an invulnerability charge located at the top of the room.

Approach the system to commence the download. It will give information that Dr. Sweitzer is located on Phobos serving time in prison, as well as information about the protagonist. Once the information is tretirevd, the facility will lock down.

A few additional robots will appear on the route to the exit. Even though the doors are now locked, the forcefield on the grating is now disabled. Shoot the grate and fly out the tunnel to escape.