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SRAD is still conducting an investigation on Dr. Sweitzer old laboratory. As such, security will be a little tight.

First complex[edit]

The first set of rooms are straight forward; collect items as necessary and destroy any robots in your path.

When you open the door, turn upward before the enemy robot attacks. Continue until you reach a door showing a computer room.

From this room, you can head left for supplies (after shooting the force field switch), or right to get closer to the lab. The storage area contains the Vauss cannon, but it is optional.

When you go right, continue straight down the corridor and shoot the switch to disable the forcefield leading outside.

Head outside from the side path to reach a set of lightning towers. Destroy the side towers by shooting the weak point in the middle of the tower. Once the four outer towers are taken out, the central tower will self-destruct.

Second complex[edit]

When you enter the second complex, you can collect the Napalm Cannon. It is dropped by some monsters, but also appears above the large generator.

After the first door, you can turn left to complete the secondary objective. When you head down this side corridor, then take the left, you should enter an inactive materialization center. There are two side exits from this room, located near the top and opposite each other. The first leads to a power generation area; activate both to unlock the data-center. When you enter the data center, you need to adjust the switch combinations to send a distress signal; first raise all four switches, then lower the center-left switch. Return to the power area to collect the equipment.

Head down the level 3 security corridor to continue. Turn up, collect the super laser, and enter the next level. The security door in front of you is locked; take a right, and enter the right corridor (or head down for extra items). Collect the key in the far corner of the final room. If you need a cloaking device, it is available as a secret in the room.

With the security key, return to the secure door and open it. Defeat or avoid the robot, and fly into the hole in the ground; follow the lighting on the ceiling to reach an exit blocked by a boulder. Shoot it to open up this exit.


When you reach the surface, use afterburners to speed through the area and take a right turn. You should reach some ruing that you have to pass through. While these ruins contain side passages, it's much easier and faster to fly straight through them.

Sweitzer's Lab[edit]

When you reach the outside of the lab, shoot the glass window with Vauss or a missile.

You now need to collect a data cartridge for downloading data. Fly into the gate on the side of the broken bridge and turn right. Destroy the thief bot to get the cartridge, and return to the central hub. Continut straight through the center, and take a left turn. Go through the next door, locking it as you pass by (the switch on the side of the door will lock it.)

Place the cartridge in the data terminal. Head through the door on the opposite side of the room, and shoot the switch to the right.

The Super Thief will appear and steal the data cartridge. Unlike the regular thief, it has a laser attack. However, if the door is locked, it is forced to go in your direction, allowing you to make a head-on confrontation without having too much of a chase.