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Primary Weapons[edit]

1 Laser Cannon The standard cannon. An upgrade is available to allow four lasers to be fired instead of the normal 2. Super Laser An upgraded version of the laser cannon.
2 Vauss Cannon This cannon rapidly fires at a high velocity to instantly hit its target. This weapon uses ammunition rather than energy. Mass Driver Fires a single shell at a high velocity to inflict significant damage. This weapon uses ammunition rather than energy.
3 Napalm Cannon Uses napalm fuel to cause enemies to catch on fire and take additional damage over time. This weapon uses ammunition rather than energy. EMD Gun Fires electro-magnetic energy, which tracks enemy targets.
4 Microwave Cannon Fires microwave beams. Microwaves will disrupt the enemy, disorienting them for a short while. Plasma Cannon Fires plasma balls.
5 Fusion Cannon Hold primary fire to charge the cannon, and release fire to launch the attack. Note that holding the charge too long causes feedback damage. Omega Cannon Short range, but drains enemy shields (adding energy to your own.)

Secondary Weapons[edit]

6 Concussion Missile Fires an explosive missile. Frag Missile Fires a missile that breaks into shrapnel on impact. Inflicts significant damage on targets located near a wall or corner.
7 Homing Missile Fires a missile that tracks a target. Guided Missile Fires a missile that is manually guided.
8 Impact Mortar Fires a mortar. The mortar slowly moves a short distance before making a large explosion. Napalm Rocket Fires a rocket, which released napalm on impact. The napalm is affected by gravity.
9 Smart Missile Fires a rocket. On impact, it releases plasma that tracks down a nearby target. Cyclone Missile Releases six-mini missiles that track enemy targets.
0 Mega Missile Fires a missile that tracks it target and makes a large explosion. Black Shark Missile A superweapon. On impact, it pulls all nearby objects into a vortex, then explodes.


Gunboy A portable laser turret. When dropped, it targets nearby enemies and fires upon them.
Bouncing Betty When released, three mines will bounce around the local area.
Seeker Mine When released, automatically tracks and moves towards enemies.
Proximity Mine A small mine that remains stationary.
Chaff Distracts homing missiles.

Other items[edit]

Energy Recharges energy when collected, upto 200.
Shield Recharges shield, upto 200 units.
Cloaking Device Makes you invisible for 30 seconds, and prevents homing missiles from tracking you. You can still be detected by weapon fire or by a slight shadow.
Invulnerability Prevents all damage for 30 seconds.
AB Cooler Increases recharge rate of the afterburner, allowing you to travel quickly for much longer.
Energy-To-Shield converter Converts 2 energy units into 1 shield unit. Requires at least 100 energy.
Quad Laser Causes the basic and super laser to fire four shots at once.
Rapid Fire Increases the firing rate of most weapons for 30 seconds.
Full Map Contains the entire map of the facility.